25 Best Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses by Primefunnel



One of the many hurdles facing the rise of small businesses around the world is the question of how do I get my small business noticed? The answer to that bugging question rests on the shoulders of online marketing for small businesses and other offline marketing packages for small businesses.

Primefunnel digital marketing company offers affordable marketing services for small and medium businesses.

This article highlights 25 of the best marketing strategies for small businesses to be deployed by small business owners in seeing to the rise of their business from infancy to a stage where it needs very little publicity to be heard.

Here are 25 Best Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

1.Customer Identification for Small Business Marketing

One of the fundamental growth strategies for small businesses is the proper identification of a potential or target customer base. The last thing you want for your small business is selling something in a place where nobody gives a hoot about it. It will definitely amount to a total waste of small business marketing resources that you’ve probably managed to pool together. Getting back to your feet might be herculean for you, so it’s wise you do a market survey of your target customer base and know their needs, where they spend their time mostly and their spending power. With this in place, you would have gained a proper footing into an effective marketing campaign.

2.     Email Marketing for Small Businesses

Email marketing have over the course of the advent of digital marketing for small businesses proven to be the most viable route to getting substantial marketing results on investments. Till date, the email remains the highest media of marketing for garnering leads and massive followings. All it needs is to compile a huge mail list according to the sufficient knowledge of your customer base and starting sending out new products, fresh offers, promos and every other beneficial offering your small business has to offer.

3.     Small Business Web Marketing

Having a website is important for the online advertising for small businesses because it provides a landing site for interested customers who decides to follow your online advert for patronage. You can’t possibly describe all of the offerings you have at your small business online advertising platform, a little detail and a link directing interested customers to your website where everything will be stripped bare and explained to the latter, would generate more leads for you than if you don’t have a solid web presence for marketing.

4.     Small Business Blog Ideas

This is more like an offspring of the small business web marketing. A small business blog is where you can provide small business content marketing for your customers. The website for the most part is just there to tell a lot of your business and what if offers amongst other relevant information pertaining to your website. The blog on the other hand is where you publish content regularly for the consumption of your customers. This will help your website rank higher in search engines and engage your clients more into your business. Your blog needs to be active and never experience a draught in valuable content furnishing.

5.     Facebook for Small Business Owners

Over 2 million businesses are practicing Facebook advertising for small businesses which has been potent enough in generating optimal results for small business owners. Facebook ads for small businesses enables you to target a particular audience and market your products and services to them. You can create a group, a page or pay for Facebook ads for your small business online marketing venture.

6.     Small Business Flyers

Flyers represent your small business brand in material form. Away from small business internet advertising, you need these flyers for local publicity and awareness about your business. You can’t possibly convince everyone to become social media enthusiasts because your online marketing campaign is on full gear, you just have to make provisions for flyers and that cannot be over-emphasized. Flyers pioneered marketing for small businesses and are still relevant. You might be wondering how to choose the best locations where to share these flyers with your potential customer. That’s where tools like Maptive come in handy – visualize your data on a Google heat map and you will have a better insight into which of the areas have high sales density and which ones are not performing that good.

7.     Mobile Marketing for Small Businesses

The population of mobile phones users have skyrocketed ever since mobile technology sieved into the world’s population. Your blog and website needs to be optimized for mobile usage because that’s where the majority of the people you’ll be marketing to are residing. One of the small business strategies that work effectively is the usage of mobile enabled packages and avenues to promote business brands. People often spend half of their day with a phone in hand compared to PC’s, this means they can access what you have to offer on-the-go without needing to be necessarily comfortable.

8.     Promotional Items for Small Business Marketing

Branded keepsake items comes as a generous means of showing your customers how much you value them and their patronage. It is also one of the most effective marketing strategies for small businesses. That generous act can publicize your small business way more than you anticipated. These mementos constantly remind your customers that your business exists. Strive to provide a promotional item that’s creative and actually useful, something that not very many companies typically give. If you’re looking for fun ideas, check out these logo clipboards for inspiration. Visitors can see the branding and get attracted, they could travel with it to other locations and get people there involved without your knowledge and effort.

9.     Marketing Signs for Small Businesses

Signs are important when it comes to online marketing for small businesses within a given locality. These signs could be in form signboards at the entrance of a street leading to your small business location or could be the signage on top of the building, whichever is the case, it should be descriptive and must convey the general idea of what your business stands for. With proper marketing signs, having access to your business won’t be a big deal for potential patrons.

10.   Instagram Marketing for Small Businesses

Social media marketing for small businesses aren’t limited to just Facebook. Instagram is essentially designed for pictures alone and a little description at the foot of the picture, describing of course, what the picture depicts. These days, people are getting bored of plenty talks and writings. They want to visualize whatever you marketing to them. Pictures and content make the best pair when it comes to small business online advertising.

11.   Small Business Marketing Coach

Small business marketing involves a number of activities including finding a small business marketing coach to guide you along the marketing route to success in business. You need someone you can always run up to for counsel when things are not working the way you planned it. There are certain decisions you might want to undertake that might be inimical to your marketing course but seeking counsel from a coach before making such decisions can save you from looming troubles.

12.   Marketing Firms for Small Businesses

When your business have risen to a point where you think it’s financially stable, you can then demand for small business marketing services from marketing firms. This marketing companies specialize in projecting small businesses to limelight using premium marketing templates that have gained a track record of numerous successes over the years. There isn’t anyone who does digital marketing for small businesses more than these marketing firms. 

13.   Small Business Social Media Consultant

Specialization to a large extent denotes competence and professionalism. It is more secure to involve a social media consultant in your social media marketing campaign than a jack of all trades and perhaps a master of one which might not be social media marketing. A consultant can be able to recommend the best social media marketing packages for small businesses that are suited for yours and guarantee maximum results.

14.   Small Business Seo Services

SEO is a full-fledged independent course that requires technical knowledge to fully practice and so if you are ignorant about it, you might not enjoy its full potential. Small business seo companies can help deliver small business seo services to you for an agreed price. SEO is needed if you run a small business website and blog. With SEO in the mix, your contents are ranked higher in Google’s search engine results which in turn maximizes the chances of your website and blog being viewed by thousands of web researchers in your choice niche of business.

15.   Small Business Search Engine Marketing

While employing best seo practices in your website and blog for optimal small business content marketing, you can advance further by paying some of the best seo companies for small businesses to register your site across tons of search engines resident on the web. This boosts your chances of blog content visibility and accelerates the rates at which your content on the web is being viewed and clicked.

16.   SMS Marketing for Small Businesses

Text messages have been proven to have a 90% open rate, blame that on curiosity. With a phone number database hinged on people who are in need of the services or products your business offers, you can successfully run an sms marketing for small business and obtain results. There are numerous ways of getting these numbers. You can request for them from your clients or put up a notice in your social media marketing campaigns for follow-up and updates on new deals. 

17.   Marketing Automation for Small Business

Depending on your marketing budget and how fat it is, you can use marketing automation software to optimize your online marketing for small business effectively. These software are not cost friendly and they run a subscription payment pattern. Could be monthly or yearly, and then you need an automation expert to set it up for you. Ensure they are optimized for mobiles and come with premium features that can be updated seamlessly in line with the changing tides and marketing trends.

18.   Video Marketing for Small Businesses

One of the most effective growth strategies for small businesses lies in the use of marketing videos. These videos in mega businesses are used as commercials in radio and television stations. Yours isn’t up to that standard yet, but can be used for your small business local audience on Facebook and Instagram to explain how stuff works for your business, how your products and services can better their lives and transmit any other benefit you have for them.

19.   Google My Business

Getting your business listed on Google My Business (GMB) listings is one way you can advance your small business digital marketing campaign. This ensures that your business is listed whenever searches are made by potential clients looking for the services or products that your business offers. This service is free of charge if you own a google account and it increases your businesses’ online visibility when you use it.

20.   Free Consultation as Marketing Strategy for Small Business

If your business is into consultancy services, you can offer free consultations to your first clients and tell them to spread the good news. This is a small business strategy that helps increase the consciousness of your brand by word of mouth. This doesn’t mean the free offerings would continue, but while it lasts, it can attract clients to your services.

21.   Endorsement as a Small Business Strategy for Growth

One of the overlooked growth strategies for small businesses is getting an endorsement. If your business brand is endorsed by a notable personality in the society, a celebrity or a famous politician, you can flaunt this on social media and get a reasonable following. People love to associate with success and successful people. You can also get the endorsement of other foremost business brands.

22.   Partnership

Association is significant when it comes to success and any form of partnership deal entered with a reputable business brand that can offer mutual benefits can help your small business web marketing campaign a great deal. The partnership should be more like a symbiotic relationship where both partners are happy at the end of the day.

23.   Small Business Ad Agency

A small business ad agency can help you market your business brand across numerous platforms which could include securing advert placements on national dailies, journals, magazines, radio advertising and on high ranking blogs.

24.   YouTube Video Marketing for Small Businesses

Millions of users visit YouTube daily for video downloads and viewing. The most paramount thing about online marketing for small businesses is addressing the needs of people. If your business is tailored to meet the needs of people, posting short videos about it would get a reasonable amount of people’s attention out of the over one billion active monthly users on YouTube.

25.   Charity Work as a Marketing Strategy for Small Business

Involving in local charity works is one of the effective marketing strategies for small businesses that not only increases awareness about your business, but goes a long way in reflecting how responsible and caring your business brand is. As you indulge in these local humanitarian services, your flyers are distributed and people see your business in the light of responsible rising brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if a Strategy is not working for me, What Should I Do?

Well there are 25 of them for you to try out. You can use your discretion to know which one will pan out well for you. Most times the times and seasons are factors to consider. Charity works are prominent and effective during festivities and national holidays.

How Do I get endorsed?

It all narrows down to networking and associations. If you want your small business to rise through marketing, you shouldn’t be a loner or an island. Go out there, attend social meetings, seminars, public conferences and events. You will certainly meet highly connected people in one of your numerous outings. Family and friends can also be of tremendous help in getting you connected. Just ask.


There are limitless growth strategies for small business and some very timeless marketing tips that can help trigger the growth of small businesses regardless of the climate and nature of the business. This list has presented you 25 of them and as a disclaimer, not all would suit your business perfectly. However, over a dozen of them are fail proof. Feel free to indulge.