3 Important SEO Tips for Your Website


Any business that wants to increase the leads and sales they get through their website and other online platforms, must invest time and effort into search engine optimization. SEO tactics, such as using keywords, building links, and creating new content, can help a company’s website move up in ranking on search engine results pages. But this isn’t always an easy task. So whether you’re just getting started on SEO or are looking to improve your search engine rankings, here are a few important SEO tips you should know.

Understand the importance of user experience

Consumers have a lot to do with how a website ends up ranking in search engine results pages. Google uses tools to analyze how users interact with a website. If they click on a link and immediately click off of it, Google is going to see this as a site that should go down in the rankings. This is why it’s important to focus on user experience.

When a consumer visits a site, it should load quickly, be easy to navigate, and provide the right information. Businesses should start by making sure their pages load quickly, because if consumers have to wait more than a few seconds for a page to load, they’re not likely to stay. Instead they’ll go to another site. Bounce rate can have a huge impact on rankings. Aside from page speed, businesses should focus on other ways to keep visitors on their site for more than a few minutes. Making the navigation bar simple, providing a lot of great content for visitors to read and look at, and having a great call-to-action will all help increase dwell time.

All in all, businesses should ensure their website is set up to provide the best user experience possible. When consumers click on a site’s link in the search engine results page and actually stay on that site for a while, that shows Google that the site deserves to stay at or increase its ranking. Without a good user experience, sites will lose rankings quickly.

Consider using video marketing

Businesses should create different types of content for their website. Many companies focus on publishing news articles, company updates, and evergreen content for their site visitors to read and gain valuable information from. But aside from written content, what other kind of content should businesses create?

Consider starting with video content. While many businesses focus on written content because it can include keywords, video content can also bring in a lot of online traffic. Companies can add videos to pages or even replace poor content with video content. Creating a few high-quality videos allows companies to create content that is actually engaging. Yes, written content can provide great information and be interesting to consumers, but seeing people within the company and hearing their voices shows consumers that the company actually cares about their audience. This type of content can be meaningful and impressive as well as fun to make.

Create content for your audience, not search engines

One of the biggest SEO mistakes companies can make is creating content for a search engine and not for actual people. Many businesses think that if they stuff enough keywords into their content and have a ton of links that this will help improve their rankings. But this can actually end up doing the opposite. Businesses should be creating content for humans. After all, consumers are the ones actually reading the content.

When businesses create content for humans, consumers are going to be more likely to contact the company and make a purchase. Keywords and links are certainly important to help the website show up in a consumer’s search engine results, but it won’t go any further if people aren’t actually reading the website’s content and engaging with the company.

SEO can be complex, and it may require some time to figure out what works and what doesn’t. This is why so many businesses choose to work with an SEO company, such as linkgraph.io, for professional help. SEO companies know what businesses should be focusing on right now, which tactics no longer work, and how to build an SEO plan with specific goals in mind. So if you want an SEO strategy that will meet your wants and needs, consider working with a reputable SEO company.