3 Investments That Can Grow in Value Over Time

Growing the value of your investments is crucial for any investor. Building long-term wealth is the objective for any investment strategy, but finding ways in which you might accomplish this can be tricky for even the most seasoned savers and investors among us. Whether you’re considering a franchise opportunity or a new stock market asset for your ongoing wealth generating goals, finding investments that will continue to produce great returns and develop additional value over the long term is essential. With these three great investment options, building a portfolio that increases in value can be made a whole lot easier.

1. Physical Assets


Gold bullion, investment watches, real estate, and other physical assets play a key role in the wealth-generating potential of some of the most successful investors’ portfolios. Luxury watches, like an Omega, Rolex, or Audemars Piguet, are great additions to your portfolio because their rarity and beauty will always attract a great many potential buyers. They are quick to sell when looking to liquidate cash, and a luxury watch collection builds value over time in a hurry.

Just like real estate or even vintage wines, a collection of watches is a surefire way to lock in great profit as an investment buyer. In recent years, more and more people have been flocking to the commodity market as well. This has infused the luxury watch, vintage guitar, fine art, and other marketplaces with fresh blood and a constant influx of new buyers eager to spend their cash. Adding in a few commodity purchases (a Rolex, gold bullion, or an ancient Les Paul) at an auction or through a broker that you trust is a great way to lock in excellent growth potential for your long-term investments.

2. New Business Opportunities


Small business is the backbone of the U.S. economy. With 97 percent of all businesses classifying as “small businesses” in the United States, it’s no wonder why franchise opportunities are a great choice for many entrepreneurs in the U.S. A franchise is often a good investment because consumers are intimately familiar with these brand names, whereas a wholly new business must fight for brand recognition and market share as a result. With a franchise opportunity, you’ll have to pay for the rights to the name, but your customer base is already built-in as a result.

For the entrepreneur out there looking to launch a great new investment opportunity, it’s hard to beat one of the best franchise options on the market.

3. Stock Market Holdings


Not much compares to the stock market. Over its long and storied history, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) has risen astronomically through good times and bad. On the 100-year historical chart, it’s obvious that stock market holdings outpace many other investment options for those looking to lock in a blend of security and upside potential. Investing in index funds that track with the market itself is a great option for those who want to “set it and forget it.”

Others will want to engage in some stock picking in order to hunt for the fast movers and next big breakout stars within the market. Building a diversified list of holdings is the best way to secure long-term gains as different industrial classes perform better than others during distinct market phases.

A blended approach to investments is the most important thing that an investor can utilize when looking to build long-term wealth and price appreciation within their holdings. Lock in great investments as a commodities collector, stock market investor, and real estate mogul. Good investments are ones that serve your ultimate goals, so starting there will help you identify and capitalize on the best options for your needs.