4 Industries Where PDF Readers Are Used

4 Industries Where PDF Readers Are Used

4 Industries Where PDF Readers Are Used

PDFs and PDF readers are becoming increasingly popular due to their benefits. Initially used by individuals, now they’re very commonly used in different industries as well.

Businesses prefer electronic documents as they help reduce cost. This is why they’re using PDF files since they’re easy to create, edit, and manage. Plus, they’re very safe as well.

Plus, they offer great compatibility, which is not available in the case of Microsoft Word, which used to rule the world before PDF came into play.

Many industries have shifted to PDFs entirely, and some are yet to make the move. Four industries that are avid users of PDF files are:

  1. IT

The IT industry provides clients with software manuals, licenses, forms, and important documents.


PDF readers like SodaPDF make it very easy for them to prepare the required documents in time, share it with clients, and use the e-signature feature to get them to sign it electronically.

  1. Education

Many professors and students prefer PDF files to paper documents. It’s not only a matter of preference, but also convenience as PDF readers have many features that make it easier for students to make notes digitally.

They can save notes on their devices and access them whenever they like to. They can also add sticky notes and highlight passages, password-protect their work, and share the document with other classmates.

Submitting assignments is also easier as professors can easily keep track of all the PDFs submitted to them through the organizing feature in PDF readers.

Plus, professors also use PDF files due to the ease. They can create exam papers used PDF and keep everything safe and secure with the help of password protection feature.

  1. Legal Business

Lawyers have to deal with extremely sensitive information including client details that they afford to leak out. This is why they often use PDF files since they are password protected and there’s little to no risk of confidential information reaching unsafe hands.

In addition to this, lawyers also have to work on legal documents and contracts. Creating such files using PDF readers is a better option since PDF readers allow editing documents without any trouble and even offer the option to e-sign files.

This can help save time and money. This is why you’ll see a large number of lawyers using PDF files.

  1. Hospitals

Hospitals and medical practices are required to keep patient details. Plus, they’re also required to make sure such information is kept away from intruders and hackers.

This can be a difficult job especially with hacking incidents being so common. This is why PDF files are commonly used in the healthcare industry. Password protected files to ensure there’s no data breach.

Plus, one can also easily email such files to patients or other doctors to get a second opinion.

If you look around you’ll see how PDF files are a rage. Almost all businesses use PDF documents due to their benefits.