5 Of The Best Messaging Apps You Can Download To Make New Friends


Being holed up for months on end makes us realize that socializing is sometimes a good thing. It makes us feel connected to people around us, induces feel-good hormones, and, most especially, keeps us sane. But since the best thing we can all do in the middle of this global pandemic is to stay at home, where would we get our chunk of socialization?

Enter texting, chatting, and messaging apps. These nifty little apps with millions of downloads and users are teeming with people needing to socialize. At least virtually. So, in addition to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, all of which can be pretty toxic and frustrating, you can download messaging apps to connect with people with similar interests worldwide. In this article, we’ve collated five of the best messaging apps you can download to pass the time. 


WhatsApp is a text messaging and chatting app that’s originally developed and owned by Facebook. With millions of users on both operating systems, it’s a great app to connect with your Facebook friends as well as your contacts. The app offers a range of messaging solutions, including voice and video calls, texting, chatting, even sharing images as well as documents.

The app is lightweight and won’t hog too much of your memory. One of the most interesting WhatsApp facts is that it is completely banned in China, like Facebook. In fact, it’s because of Facebook’s ownership that led to the app being blacklisted in the country. As of writing, WhatsApp has a whopping two billion users worldwide. That’s a lot – so go on ahead, get on to socializing! The app is free to download on both iOS and Android.


Arguably the premier chatting platform in the world right now, Facebook’s Messenger, directly connects your Facebook friends and you through a standalone app. It was originally developed as an app that’s called Facebook Chat in 2008, an easier way to get to your Facebook messages in those days. Today, Messenger is a separate entity of its own, with a dedicated site and apps for several mobile platforms.

To those who mainly work with a desktop computer or a laptop, Facebook has recently just released a dedicated Messenger app for both Windows and macOS. Available on your respective App Stores, you can easily download the Messenger desktop app free of charge. This way, you can be connected even when you’re away from your phone and don’t have to open a separate tab for it.


Kik is the messaging platform that most young people seem to be into. It’s a freeware messaging app that has millions of downloads, and it seems to be well on its way to becoming a classic. Kik Messenger was developed in Canada and is one of the earliest messaging platforms that are fast, private, and properly streamlined. 

With Kik Messenger, you can search for usernames to start a chat, then take the conversation private through its encrypted feature. Group chats are also popular in Kik, with most being communities that share the same interest. One of Kik’s most important features is that it keeps your privacy and anonymity seriously, so if you just want to shoot the breeze without worrying about your identity, Kik is the perfect app for you.


Hailed as the world’s largest standalone app in 2018, WeChat is a Chinese-developed chatting, messaging, and payment app with a billion active monthly users. In China, WeChat is pretty much a necessity, as it’s hailed as an app that can almost do anything  – sending files, editing documents, wiring money, etc. Worldwide, the app also has gained quite the following. 

In some countries in Asia, several physical stores have a WeChat payment option. But the app has been heavily criticized outside of the region because it’s been found out that the app analyzes data from its users, and in-home country China, politically sensitive topics are censored. But if what you want is a messaging app with lots of interesting people to connect with, WeChat more than delivers.


Another freeware app that is popular with the younger crowd because of its customizable emojis and reaction gifs, LINE is one of the most versatile of the messaging platforms listed here. It has a desktop client, apps on popular mobile operating systems, and even a dedicated app for tablets. Voice and video calls are free with the app, and it’s one of the few that offers video conferencing.

Socialize online with these apps!

Word of caution: Use these apps accordingly. If you are a minor and might feel that you entered a chat or a room that you’re not supposed to, be polite and opt to get out immediately. Always bear in mind that in any interaction you do with these apps, be mindful of your manners and tone, so as not to incite anything that could affect your mental health. Lastly, enjoy your time socializing!