6 Ways to Build Hype Before Your Business Launch


If you are the owner of a new business, you may be feeling excited, or even stressed, about your big business launch. First impressions really are everything, and if you want to gain a great reputation, a loyal customer base, and accrue a good initial profit, you will need to nail the launch of your business and make sure everything is running well. If you are a new business owner and are ready to launch your business but are feeling unsure about how it will be received, here are six great tips to make sure your launch goes off without a hitch and with excitement.

1. Consider the Grand Opening Event Model

If you are opening a new business, especially if you have a brick and mortar location, you can garner a lot of hype by throwing a cool grand opening event or party in your new space. This event can be as lowkey as having champagne and small snacks available for new clients or customers who stop by, or you could have a full speaking or entertainment program planned to entice folks to come into the business. Grand openings are a great way to get people in your community talking as well as a way to introduce yourself to your neighbors and new clientele.

2. Make Sure You Have a Website that is Up to Scratch

Every successful business will need a website. You should always spend a lot of time and effort making sure your site looks good, is easy to navigate, and has all the information anyone would need, such as your product or service offerings as well as your business hours and a way for new customers to contact you. You will also need to ensure that your website is accessible to everyone. ADA compliant websites are ones that comply with all accommodations needed for folks with disabilities, so having a website that is ADA compliant is a surefire way to make sure you are reaching all populations with your site.

3. Create a Countdown Clock

If you really want to build up hype, consider making a countdown to your grand opening. You could put the countdown clock on your website’s front page or on your social media profiles. Having a countdown will encourage people to keep an eye on your business and will make them excited to see what you have planned for the special reveal of your business.

4. Look the Part

Even if you have not been around for a while, your business can and should still look the part of a successful business venture. That means your branding should be on point in all aspects, from your business’s signage to any kind of customized materials you have inside your business. Invest in a clean crisp logo and some custom pocket folders that sport it so your new customers can go home with a packet of information about your new venture and a slick-looking and functional folder.

5. Hop on Social Media

If you want your business to be visible and relevant, you should create a social media profile for it on a number of social media websites. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are free ways to get your business’s name out there and become part of the public conversation even if you have not yet had your official launch.

6. Offer an Incentive

Incentivizing people to come and patronize your business is key to getting those first batches of customers. Consider offering a coupon, a special discount, or even holding a giveaway to help draw people into your business. When they see how great your products or services are, they will keep coming back.