7 Compelling Reasons to Integrate Explainer Videos to Your Digital Marketing Plan


Video marketing is something that you cannot ignore in today’s day and age. The figure below will open up your eyes.

The best explainer video agency equipped with all the necessary resources and workforce produces a video that works like a charm. If you want to create explainer videos all on your own, you can do it with the help of explainer video software that you can get for free.

However, it is essential for you to know that it requires a variety of skills like copywriting, animation, voiceover, story creation, and so on to produce a top-notch explainer video.

For those who are still in confusion about whether to go with explainer videos or not, you will have an easy time making your decision after you finish reading this article.

Seven Top Reasons to Invest Your Money and Time on Explainer Videos

It is essential to research in advance to make sure whether the thing you are investing is right for you or not. Here are the seven top reasons that are attracting marketers into explainer videos:

Affordable and effective

Most of the small business owners think of budget when they are planning to launch their marketing campaign. It is understandable why they check their spending capacity, as these companies do not have the fortune to spend on advertisements.

In the case of HD promotion videos, you would have to spend a lot of money on professional equipment, actors, editing, and other stuff. However, the case is different for explainer videos. You only need to spend a few thousand dollars in maximum to get a super-effective explainer video. Furthermore, it also produces a fantastic return on investment.

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When you solve all the confusion of your consumers by answering their objections, they will be more eager to purchase your product.

Grabs the attention of your cold audience

Attention is scarce in today’s world, as marketers throw tons of advertisements on various platforms. For catching the attention of a cold audience, it is essential to appear in front of them in a creative manner that will raise their curiosity and want them to know more.

The recent study found that even goldfish have a better attention span than a human being. It is almost impossible to grab the attention of random strangers by doing usual things that they are expecting marketers to do.

With an explainer video, you can get in front of them with an alluring thumbnail, which will make them think about clicking the link. In addition to thumbnails, you can customize your video description and title to increase further their willingness to know more about the topic. After they enter the video, you can start with a hook, tell a story, and more to get them to watch the full video.

Increase interest quickly

When the audience lands on your video, they are entirely unaware of your company and your offering. It is crucial to increase their level of interest quickly to make them learn about your product and make them take actions.

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You can present your concepts in various ways to raise their interest. The use of animated characters with the combination of kinetic typography and the exciting hook will take their curiosity to the next level.

Demonstrate the authority and creativity of your brand

Your viewers will associate your videos with the brand. By making use of the animated logo and an engaging story in your explainer video, you will not only increase your brand awareness but also boost your brand authority by explaining to your audience about your company’s values.

The explainer video is unlike other forms of videos, as there is no end to creativity. You can use all sorts of animated characters in the video and insert jokes to make it entertaining. Add exciting music and experiment with visual effects and texts to make your video stand out amid the competition.

By adding creative elements to your video, you can surprise them, excite them, and invoke other emotions within them.

Use for multiple purposes and publish in a variety of platforms

One of the reasons why marketers prefer explainer videos for video marketing is its flexibility. Once you create one explainer video, you can publish it on various platforms like your company site, video platforms, social media platforms, and more. Furthermore, it is also possible to use explainer videos, as per the buying stage of your prospect.

You can take a cold audience through a journey and make them repeat customers in the future via a series of explainer videos.

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For reaching out to the cold audience, you can use an explainer video to break down the concepts and tell them what your brand is about and its offerings. After that, you can retarget that same audience with videos that will explain the features of your product to make them get your offer.

Publish your videos on various platforms to make your brand omnipresent, which will leave a positive impression about your company among your potential customers.

Higher retention rate

There is no point in publishing and promoting your videos if the viewers do not get what you are trying to convey to them. With explainer videos, you can eliminate all your worries about whether the viewers will understand your concept or not.

Image Source: Buffer

A great explainer video has an effective structure, which is full of visuals, texts, and a compelling story. At first, you should have a hook and then introduce the problem to them, followed by a story, solution, and a call-to-action. Use animated characters, texts, visual effects, and so on to activate multiple senses for better retention.

The human beings remember what they see, and in explainer videos, they observe all the objects that are associated with the concept. It will make them easily retain what they have watched.

Improve your search engine rankings

Google, along with other search engines, love videos. By using explainer videos, you can increase the click-through rate, as searchers are eager to click on video with an appealing thumbnail and title.

The internet users also stay longer on the site, which has a video in it. It is also possible for you to transcribe your video, making it easier for search bots to scan through the texts and rank you for a variety of keywords. Finally, publish it on multiple social media platforms and video sites to get more backlinks and social signals for improved search engine performance.

What would be your decision?

No one can force you to integrate something into your marketing plan. The only thing the article like this can do is provide enough reasons for you to consider explainer videos, in this case, into your marketing plan.

By now, you have enough knowledge about explainer videos along with the reasons for investing your time and money in explainer videos. Are you satisfied with the information that I’ve shared? I hope that you have got some beneficial insights from this article. Will you proceed with an explainer video in your next campaign? Let our community know about your decision.