8 Tips to Effectively Boost Your Wireless Router Signal

Wireless signals can occasionally go down for no clear reason.

However, in most cases, you will find that the problem is not with your internet connection but your wireless router signal.

Fortunately, there are easy tips that you can use to enhance your Wifi performance and ease your frustrations.

In this article, we go through 8 tips of effectively boost your wireless router signal.

Position Your Router on A Better Place

The position of your router plays a crucial role in the overall performance and more so the speed of your Wi-Fi signals.

Ideally, you should have the router at a central location in your home for the optimal coverage.

You can also consider placing it on cupboards or mounting it on a wall for better network coverage.

Most crucially, avoid placing your router behind other appliances such as televisions, metallic appliances, brick walls, and other items that might interfere with the signal.

Buy A New Router

If you have been with your Wifi router for several years,then there’s likelihood your router might be outdated.

Seeking a new Wi-Fi router will help to maximize the bandwidth and optimize the overall performance.

You can check at the Wifi 6 Routers buying guide to help you choose the best router for a reliable and stronger signal.

Secure your Wifi network

If you’ve not secured your Wi-Fi network, some users might want to pry on your network, and this might interfere with the overall performance.

So, you should enable pass word protection and even better encrypt your network to prevent others from using your Wifi.

Avoid Network Overload

The more devices connected to your Wifi network, the weaker the signal becomes.

This will mainly be a problem if you have a larger family, kids are using the net in their study sessions, or you have an event at home.

You can easily overcome the problem by taking some devices off the network or use software that controls bandwidth to prevent dropping.

Update Your Router Firmware

The firmware forms the backbone of your router and is responsible forpowering the entire device to operate efficiently.

As it is with most modem router manufacturers who are always developing new updates to their products for improved performance and speed, updating your router regularly will boost its network signal.

You can update the firmware from the admin portal, and in case you aren’t sure about it, you can check it out on the router’s manual.

Purchase Your Equipment from Same Company

Compatibility may be a big issue, particularly when it comes to a two-way transmission. Purchasing everything from the router to your adapter from a single company may help in emitting a stronger network signal. Companies contain embedded improvements that boost signal strength and speed when everything is from the same brand.

Replace Your Router Antennas

When you first purchase a router, it comes with a default, omnidirectional router antennas.

Most of the people stick with these antennas because most of the buyers find them sufficiently useful.

However, the problem is that they are not high-quality.

Now, if your initial router antenna is sufficient, you can stick with it, but if not, replace it with a better router for better signal. 

Install Wireless Range Extenders

Purchasing and installing a wireless range extender is another good alternative that helps fix weak Wifi signals.

 These devices are highly compatible and affordable, with almost all the modern routers.

They are useful, specifically if you have a large home.


These are the top tips to boost your wireless router signal effectively. All are easy to perform, affordable, and will leave your signal stronger than before.