9 Reasons To Study Computer Science


Now one of the most popular degrees in the world, computer science opens up doors to a modern and lucrative career. Whether you’re passionate about coding or want to know the ins and outs of computer hardware, you might want to consider studying computer science. 

If you’re still not sure about committing to a course, here are 9 reasons to take the plunge. 

  1. You have the chance to change the world

As we are living in the digital age, just about every person in every industry relies on data and software. Computer science is an integral part of just about everything. Whether you pursue a career in health science research, smart technology for the home, or even data mining for banks, you could end up making a massive difference in the world. 

Technology is an incredibly exciting industry to work in, and as the world looks to make everything better and faster, you’ll enjoy a diverse career where you’ll be nothing but passionate about the work you do. 

With Computer Science, you could be on the team that helps predict the next big earthquake, ultimately saving thousands of lives. Perhaps you’ll be able to prevent the next big cyber-attack or work to make AI the answer to all of humanity’s problems. 

  1. Career prospects are exciting and lucrative…

Those that are aspiring to retire early or live a life of luxury, could certainly make their dreams come true after becoming a Master of Computer Science

The world is only moving forward into more advanced technology, meaning there’s a constant demand for tech-savvy, creative individuals who know how to create, fix and maintain software and gadgets. 

In fact, the BLS suggests that by 2026, the demand for Computer Scientists will grow by 13%. The same pattern can be found in the EU between 2007 and 2017. 

The salaries are no joke either; Specialists in Computer Science are suitable for jobs in Information Security ($95,000), Web Development ($67,000), or Computer Network Architect ($104,000).

  1. …And futureproof

There’s no denying that the future will only ever provide more opportunities for computer scientists. It truly is a future-proof industry that could see you swap fields from health and banking to analytics and policing. 

  1. You’ll develop lots of transferrable skills

Not every job works out. Even if you are passionate about Computer Science now, you may not feel the same in 10 years’ time. 

The good news is that this change in attitude won’t ruin your career choices. In fact, computer science students develop a huge number of transferrable skills that mean any employer would be lucky to have you on their team. You’ll learn critical thinking, problem solving, and key analytic skills. Of course, those working with software and coding will also develop a strong attention to detail and patience to trial-and-error different techniques to find the best results. 

  1. It’s incredibly rewarding 

Similar to passing your first-ever exam, a career in computer science is incredibly rewarding. Whether it’s your first bout of HTML coding or an advanced piece of software you’ve created for your business, there are plenty of milestones to complete and celebrate. 

  1. You can study online 

As one of the most modern and tech-savvy degrees available, it would be silly if it wasn’t possible to study online. 

It makes total sense to study your computer science degree online, and you may find this is a more affordable and flexible option. There’s much more freedom when studying online, as you can work your modules around other life priorities. For sections that you struggle with, there’s also always the option to re-listen to a lecture – something that in-person degrees don’t always offer. 

  1. Scholarships are available 

While online computer science degrees are a little more affordable, there are also scholarships available for on-campus courses that are more expensive. 

In the US, both Microsoft and Google have funding up for grabs for appropriate students. Up to $10,000 is available, with other companies offering partial or full scholarships. If you want to take a look at which Computer Science scholarships you may be eligible for, a good place to look is ComputerScience.org, but this isn’t the only place listing them. Those studying abroad can check Scholarshipportal.com or Studyportals Scholarship.

  1. You could land an incredible internship

Even the top tech companies offer Computer Science internships, meaning you could be working in some of the largest companies in the world. The easiest way to find internships is head to a company you’ve always wanted to work for and check their site for potential positions. 

Computer Science is a great opportunity for young people, as Fortune 500 companies are always looking for younger members to join their team and work through the ranks. 

You can also apply for the Silicon Valley Internship program, which could open some serious doors for your career. 

If you’ve always had the desire to work abroad, HP, Vodafone, Amazon, and more top companies in Europe offer paid internships. Internships can last between a few months to a year, so you should be able to find one that suits you. 

  1. There are a huge number of specialisms available 

There is no one-size-fits-all option for those studying computer science. There are so many different IT, technology, and development elements that need you to specialize in certain topics. If there’s an area you’re particularly interested in, there are plenty of ways to specialize, such as in AI, AgriTech, machine learning, or even finance. 

What are you waiting for? 

While there are so many reasons to study a computer science degree, from the money and the opportunities to the rewarding, high job satisfaction, it is also a challenging course. The curriculum will take determination and true passion to complete, and there will be times where you’ll feel that you’re not making as much progress as you hope. 

The important thing to remember is to not lose faith and have patience. If you’re up for the challenge, you can enjoy a lifelong career that will never stop developing into the future.