Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning Career opportunity in India

The demand for artificial intelligence engineers has witnessed a steady rise in recent years. It is because businesses have begun realizing their true potential. There is a lot of hype around AI and how it will create many jobs in the future. It is one of the reasons why a career in AI sounds promising. The same is the case with machine learning.

There is always a shortage of quality talent, and employers are always on the lookout to bridge the gap. In this article, we take a look at the demand and career opportunities in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Artificial intelligence career scope of AI in India

The Indian tech space is abuzz with the word AI. The associated technologies like machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) are already making waves. These technologies find themselves a part of a range of applications like speech recognition, IoT, face recognition software, recommendation engines, etc. Businesses have realized how AI is the future and are accordingly leveraging it for their growth. 

Government sectors are not far behind as they have also adopted the technology to benefit people. The technology is here to stay and grow further in the coming years. Artificial intelligence career is thus an excellent choice for students who are looking to enter the technology field.

Artificial intelligence career opportunities in India

If you gain the right skills, there are several job opportunities in this field that you can target. Here are various relevant job profiles.

  • AI Engineers

They create, test, and deploy AI-related models. Problem-solving is a vital aspect of this job as AI engineers maintain related infrastructure and spend their time on regular software and AIML technologies. If you are looking to study these technologies, you can opt for an artificial intelligence course. These  AI and  ML courses can help you expand your skills and make yourself job-ready. 

  • Artificial Intelligence Programmer

They create software for various AI applications like chatbots, face recognition, recommendation engines, etc. Artificial intelligence programmers also make systems that make use of AI.

  • Business Intelligence Developer

They check data sets and analyze them to identify future industry trends. Business intelligence developers help an organization prepare for the future, intending to increase their profitability and make them successful. Their work involves the creation and maintenance of data on cloud platforms.

Artificial intelligence career salary trends in India

As there are varied job roles in the AI market, the salaries differ for each. It depends on the experience levels of candidates. For fresher profiles, AI professionals can expect to make around INR 6 LPA. Mid and senior-level professionals with rich industry experience and the right skillset can expect an annual salary of around INR 50 lacs. 

AI is as yet an advancing technology that requires an expert range of abilities. As the interest is on the ascent, there is a lack of skilled experts who can use these job opportunities. The shortage of talented AI experts is another factor that drives up the salary range.

Future scope of ML in India

ML aids the creation of AI-related applications like sorting data, image recognition, etc. AI and ML have the right potential to redefine the technology of the future when merged. These technologies can automate menial tasks and identify patterns in data for the growth of a business. No matter what the technical field is, AI and ML will find their use case.

As ML is still an evolving concept, there is a shortage of skilled professionals who understand the domain well. The demand, on the other hand, is higher for ML professionals. They need to be through with various programming languages, algorithms, systems, and data structures. Professionals in the IT industry can leverage the opportunities on offer by upskilling themselves.

ML job opportunities in India

ML professionals have various job profiles that they can choose from. When you get the right skills, here are different job profiles that can suit you.

  • ML Engineer

Machine learning engineers have an excellent demand in data science as they can create and implement algorithms that help in data analysis. ML engineers can identify patterns in data and make predictions based on them. Enhancing your skills with machine learning courses can help you out in becoming an industry expert and land your dream job.

  • Data Scientist

They collect and analyze unstructured datasets with ML technologies. It helps them in creating effective business strategies by gaining insights into data through predictive analytics techniques. Data scientists need to be well aware of analytics, big data, etc.

  • Data Analyst

They help businesses by identifying various topics and analyzing them. Data analysts conduct research and record the findings by combining their analytical skills for the organization.

  • Data Architect

They have all the organization data with them. Data architects are responsible for the creation, maintenance, and management of systems, which they do with ML algorithms.

ML salary trends in India

Most ML job roles get higher salaries from corporates and start-ups. ML Engineers and Data Scientists have a good demand in India as there is a shortage of skilled professionals. So, most businesses are ready to pay higher salaries to attract the right talent. The packages also ultimately depend on the experience level, skill set, and nature of the business. 

Machine learning engineers at the beginners’ level in India can expect around INR 6-7 LPA.  The figure is around INR 12 LPA for experienced professionals. It thus makes sense to upskill as it will help you command higher salaries.

Final words

AI and ML are continuously evolving technologies, and their demand will continue to increase in the future. ML can help businesses gain rich insights that help in their decision-making efforts. A machine learning and artificial intelligence career can thus be rewarding.