Can You Save Money Using a Print Company?

Right now, every small business is trying to cut back on their expenses. It has been a hard few years and only now is the world starting to get back to normal. But, businesses are having to try to recoup their costs and this means thinking carefully about what they are paying out for.

If you print a lot of marketing products, such as leaflets, brochures and stickers, you might be wondering if there are any cuts you can make. Well, the last thing you want is to downgrade the quality. Instead, you can consider how they are printed. In particular, businesses are wondering whether it is going to be more cost-effective to use a print company rather than having an in-house team. Let’s take a closer look and see what one is going to save you more money.

Is Using a Print Company going to Save Me Money?

There is a common misconception when it comes to using print companies. Namely, they are overpriced and not affordable for small businesses. However, we find the opposite to be the case. Print companies are very accessible and offer a cost-efficient way to achieve quality. This is something that is not possible if you choose to do printing in-house as a small business right now. Software, hardware and ongoing expenses are much more than you think.

So, the answer to the question is yes; using a print company can save you money. You pay by the project rather than the huge bills associated with printing in-house. For example, you can use a company like IPW1 for all of your printing needs. You can check out their website at As a lead printing company in London, you get the best quality whether you are printing menus, creating packaging or designing a window display. This is without having to worry about the price of all the equipment, the team and ink. 

How Will a Print Company Save My Business Money?

Are you still sceptical that using a professional print company is going to save you money? Well, let’s take a closer look at the ways this can happen for your business.

Avoid Hiring Full-Time Staff

When you are thinking about doing printing in-house, you need to consider if your business can afford to hire full-time staff. You might see this as a good investment if you have a lot of printing to do and a large budget to play with. But, if you are in the same boat as a lot of small businesses right now, you are going to be watching your budget. Indeed, having more full-time staff on your payroll might not be feasible. 

But, this does not mean that you have to give on print quality. Instead, you can use a print company for all of your business needs. This has the benefit of not hiring full-time staff. You can avoid going through the costly interviewing process and onboarding. Instead, you can pay a professional company to handle all of the printing. They already have an experienced team and up-to-date equipment to create the best results.

No Ongoing Expenses

Let’s not forget that printing gets expensive because of the ongoing costs associated with it. For instance, you are going to have to pay out a fortune on ink. This is something that is necessary for all of your printing and if you want to enjoy the best quality, you have to pay for good black and coloured ink. There is no way of getting round this. In addition, there are other ongoing expenses to consider, such as software upgrades, printer maintenance and even electricity to run all of the hardware associated with printing.

Well, the good thing about using a print company is that you can totally skip all of the ongoing expenses. You are going to be paying for your project and this is going to be a total bill presented to you. You do not have to worry about monthly or ongoing costs. Instead, you only pay for what you need at the time. This can be a better way to budget for your small business.

Quality That Lasts

A lot of businesses try to cut corners when it comes to printing in-house. This is because they suddenly realise how expensive it is to create quality prints. But, what happens is, their materials do not last as long as they should. Colours start to fade and even the material they print on can get damaged quickly. 

But, the same thing does not happen when you use a professional print company. They are focused on creating materials that are going to last. This means that you are making a good investment.