Christmas plans cancelled last minute? Here’s what to do next


If your Christmas plans have changed at the last minute, don’t worry – there are still plenty of alternative solutions to make this year one to remember. 

Whether you’re suddenly unable to travel or facing challenging family circumstances, in this guide we’ll outline some great festive ideas and activities to try instead. 

A difficult year

Throughout the pandemic, lots of us have suffered financially in one way or another, especially due to the impact of furlough and restrictions on certain industries. 

With fuel prices at an all-time high, it could be that you’ve scrapped your big Christmas travel plans to save money this year, particularly if you’d planned a long drive. Staying local doesn’t mean your Christmas will be ruined – some affordable activities to try at home with friends and family could include:

  • Decorating a gingerbread house

It’s a classic, but this wholesome fun can be enjoyed by all ages from the comfort of your own kitchen. Perfect to fill time on a chilly afternoon, it’s a great way to work together.

  • Christmas cocktail making

Add a little bit of festive spice to your tipples this Christmas and find some engaging, delicious cocktail recipes. You could finally put that shaker to good use and get merry with your family.

  • Discovering nature

Why not spend time in the great outdoors with your family this Christmas? Natural beauty could be closer to home than you’d think, and with restrictions easing, you no longer need to book in advance for festive days out at the nation’s favourite heritage spots.

  • Sending letters

There’s nothing more personal than a handwritten letter, and the end of the year is the perfect time to consolidate and share memories with your loved ones. Surprise your family and friends with a touching note delivered to their door. You’ll probably hear back, too.

  • Going volunteering

Christmas is the perfect time to give something back to your local community. Reach out to nearby charities or soup kitchens to see if you can lend a hand to those who need it most. It’s the hardest time of the year for some people, but you can help make it easier.

One last hurrah

If you’ve saved some money especially for your time off work over Christmas and the New Year, why not treat yourself to a spontaneous holiday? 

You could save on last-minute deals, leaving the stress of catering and entertaining behind and letting someone else look after you instead. However, make sure to take stock of your financial situation before booking anything too extravagant.

Wherever you spend your Christmas, find peace of mind in the fact that you can still bring everyone together – and that’s what counts the most.