CocoFax – Top Scanner Fax on the App Store

Nowadays, online fax services are replacing outdated and expensive fax machines. 

The market has several online fax tools; therefore, it can be challenging to choose the best product. You can choose the best tool as per your needs.

If you want a comprehensive fax solution for your business, feel free to choose CocoFax. It is a reliable fax service with lots of advanced features and free fax app, as suggested by Google Fax Free, a frequently heard faxing brand review blog in the industry.

CocoFax: An Exclusive Fax Service for Personal and Professional Use

CocoFax is a leading service provider with innovative faxing solutions for smartphones, Android and iPhone. 

It offers several ingenious methods to professionals to manage their relevant documents.

Once you sign up with CocoFax with an email ID, you will be able to get a free trial period for almost thirty days and your favorite fax number. 

It offers HIPAA compliance fax solutions; therefore, medical centers and insurance companies prefer it.

With millions of customers around the world, CocoFax is a leading service provider. 

For its unique services, CocoFax gets acknowledgement from iGeeksBlog, New York Times, Life Hacker, etc.

Free Apps to Send Faxes

For the convenience of users, CocoFax offers scan and fax app for iPhone and Android devices, revealed by Google Fax Free after comparison with other online faxing services. 

It supports users to send and receive Google documents and other products. You can use several methods to manage faxes from an iPhone or Android.

Online Dashboard

Once you sign up with CocoFax, you will get access to an online dashboard. With this dashboard, you can easily manage faxes. 

You can access stored faxes from an online dashboard permanently. Remember, a dashboard can decrease the need for extra apps and a web browser.

Email Client

CocoFax enables you to manage faxing through an email client. 

For instance, you can use Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook on your smartphone or computer to access an app or dashboard. These features will help you to take faxing to a new level.

Fax Notifications and Delivery Reports

You will get a delivery report in your email from CocoFax. It will help you to know whether the delivery of the fax was useful or not. Feel free to check these notifications in your inbox or dashboard. Further details are available via Google Fax Free about the use of online fax solutions.

Select a Free Fax Number

If you want to use CocoFax, you can start with a free trial period. They offer 30 days to every user and this time is sufficient to evaluate their services. 

With a free trial, you will get a fax number. 

This number is available for 30 days. If you want to continue using this fax number, you have to upgrade your monthly plan.

Turn an iPhone into a Fax Machine

CocoFax enables you to turn your iPhone into a fax machine. For this reason, you will need these things:

·        An Internet connection and iPhone

·        CocoFax Account

·        Free fax number

After arranging all these things, you can send and receive faxes with CocoFax. Feel free to use a web browser to send faxes from smartphones, computers and other devices. See these simple instructions:

Step 01: Get your CocoFax account and start your free trial. After filling the necessary information, you can select a fax number.

Step 02: After creating a CocoFax account, you can access your dashboard. To send new fax, choose “Send Fax” option from the dashboard.

Step 03: You will see a new window and fill in different vital fields. In the “To” field, you have to write a fax number. Feel free to create a cover page in the body of the window.

Step 04: Once you are done, you have to tap on “Send” and allow CocoFax to dial the fax number of the receiver. Once this fax is delivered, a confirmation message will be received in your inbox.

Secure Method to Send International Faxes

CocoFax enables you to send and receive faxes internationally. You can manage faxes without a phone line, extra hardware and fax machines. This online fax service can bridge a gap between a fax machine and the internet.

For international communication, you will get a fax number. Make sure to use an exit code at the beginning of the fax number. Several businesses around the world use CocoFax to manage their communications because of its reliability and speed.

You can send a fax from Google Drive, Google Voice and Gmail. Feel free to send a fax from Mac and Windows 10/8/7. This service will help you to decrease the additional expense of a fax machine and other hardware.


After this review, we can say that CocoFax is a comprehensive and reliable faxing service. 

It comes with plenty of features and services.  You can get started with a free trial and a free fax number.

If you want to manage international communication, CocoFax makes things easy. They offer incredible and secured services at an affordable rate. 

For your personal and professional correspondence, you can blindly trust CocoFax.