We all work and perform our job tasks, so we all are aware from this fact that every type of job role which brings tremendous outcomes and opportunities for us, also have some challenges in it which we face while performing it. That is why it is being quoted in different saying that no work is big or small, it is just that how you take it? And yes, it is very true. We often witness this fact that sometimes the work which seems and looks like that it is a very easy task, or we think that it is very easy to perform such kind of job role has the most difficult procedures, or have the most challenging situations in it. So yes, no one can deny from this fact that all the works, or job roles are equal. No work is bigger or smaller or easier and harder, all have the same respect, value and importance and almost all job role has its own challenges which is being faced by the performer of that job role. Whether it is a doctor, an engineer, a teacher, an animator or a comedian. The one who welcomes and face challenges with an open arm is really called a Guru of his work. 

As said earlier that every single field performer faces different challenges while performing their tasks, same is the situation for the video transcriptionists. They also face different sort of challenges almost on every single day while performing their work. As you all must be aware that what does a video transcription really is? Why it is being done and how it is being done. As this work is almost like impossible to be done without the help of Video transcription software. This software brings thousands of eases in their work procedure but at the same time it also increases the number of challenges that a transcriptionists face

So, let us just come and directly jump into the detail which will let you know that which sort of difficulties and challenges does a transcriptionist really face.

Meeting up the challenging deadlines

Yes, the first and most difficult challenge that a transcriptionist face is to maintain and meet the strict deadline given by different clients. As the work of a transcriptionist is to understand and write the content, and they have every second file thick in nature. So, yes, the transcriptionist receives bulk number of files by different clients which have strict deadline to be followed. This work buzz really creates a challenging environment for a transcriptionist to perform perfectly in a fast pace to meet the deadline standards of every client.

Delivering unique and different work after understanding client’s requirement

Every client is different, their requirements and wants are different. The second challenge, and one of the important points that a transcriptionist has to keep in mind while performing his work is to understand the client’s requirement. Sometimes a single client can demand totally different work nature, they can demand for different fonts, special features etc. So, identifying each client’s work nature, understanding deadlines with the exact requirements and to present him a quality piece of customized work is the duty and responsibility of a transcriptionist.

Dealing with boring, long files

Every single work has its own charm and fun. But sometimes we have often noticed some transcriptionist by saying that they receive long and boring files sometimes. Which really make their work like a challenge. Because a long and no fun filled task can make a person’s mind dumb, he cannot think or write creatively. The file which is long and boring in content can distract the attention of the transcriptionist and he can not fully concentrate and can not give his full attention to his work. Because by getting involved in one single long and boring file he can also get bored. So, this is also like a challenge to deal with such long and boring files.

Using correct punctuations, right grammar 

When you are being consider as an expert of the area than you must be a guru of that specific area. Same goes for the case of a transcriptionist, they are being consider of an expert who can understand the real content and can write in easy words in English. Being an expert of English writing and language using correct punctuations, correct grammar and following other English rules is very important. Why this thing can be c challenge? Just imagine that you write a file with incorrect English, what will be happen?

Quite obvious that if you will be unable to write English in an appropriate manner then no one will understand the meaning, it will become harder for the reader to understand and grasp the meaning of the content. You will be not justifying to your job role. So that is why it is like a must have for a transcriptionist to have proper knowledge of English language so he can write in correct and right manner.

Bad quality audio

Quality audio! Really matters, and save time too. Yes, in case of getting a non-quality audio file or video a transcriptionist can really face challenge in understanding the content, identifying the topic and in understanding and listening properly the content discussion. Because by receiving a bad quality audio he has to relisten the whole file. These all scenarios can create problem for a transcriptionist and can consume his double time and efforts too So, a good quality of audio can really help a transcriptionist to cope up with this challenge.

Medical complications like back ache and body aches

Quite obvious that sitting for long time and writing such long files can cause different body aches like head ache, neck or back aches. These sorts of aches can cause serious joint pains or stiffness of muscles. Where it has been observed that in many offices people try to use back supporting chairs or cushions. These sort of chairs and cushions can prevent you from back aches. So, you see that along with the other work and environmental challenges and pressures that a transcriptionist faces the challenge of getting different kind of body aches are also there, which can cause medical complications also in future.


So, to conclude I would like to write that as I said earlier that in all kind of work, we face different kind of challenges. Some work task can give you the physical challenges or some tasks can give you the mental challenges or stress. It is up to us that how we deal and cope up with them. So, as a transcriptionist there are many challenges that they face, out of them some are listed above. No one can deny from this fact that how important and crucial their job role is. But still all transcriptionists are facing all the hurdles and challenges that comes in their path and work like pro. Hats off to them, we should also never ever stop our work by fear of any challenge. Just say hello to challenges, kill them and shine like a bloom.