Core Culture Values of Strong B2B SaaS Companies

Clear and well-established company culture is one of the key factors for the success of any business – this is no different for B2B SaaS companies either. In fact, the task of creating a strong set of values is more tricky for those businesses, as they tend to hire a large number of their workers through external vendors, who don’t always take the cultural fit of the employees into account. This article covers the core cultural values that B2B SaaS businesses should establish for a more efficient, productive, and harmonious work environment.

Effective communication

It is not unusual for SaaS businesses to recruit talent from across the globe. While it brings a lot of diversity into the team, the quality of communication may suffer. This can be due to geographical distance and living in different time zones or simply a lack of English language skills. This is something that many companies don’t consider when scaling their teams but, as Sombra site highlights, your team should focus on what matters – not how it’s being said. Therefore, ensuring that your workers understand the importance of effective communication as well as are capable of it is paramount. 

Perpetual learning

Software development companies are working in a particularly fast-paced environment, where new problems arise regularly, unique projects need to be tackled and customer needs must be met. It is incredibly important that the teams in such businesses are ready to constantly learn and grow together with the business and the developments of the industry. So, personal development of the employees should be encouraged in the company culture, while also making clear that people, who are afraid of change and prefer to stay in their comfort zone, may not be the best fit for this business. 

Proactive approach

When it comes to SaaS businesses, a ‘yes sir’ ‘no sir’ type of culture is simply not the right way to go. A team with a proactive approach is where the secrets to success really lie – you want employees who are not afraid to speak their minds and suggest better solutions or suggestions where they see them. Not only will this help the business improve with valuable ideas but also create a collaborative company culture, where the individual contributions feel important and valued by the business. 

Customer experience

Customer experience is one of the, if then not the most, important values of a B2B SaaS business. The growth and profitability of your company matter, but without loyal and satisfied clientele, you are less likely to succeed in the long run. Therefore, ensuring that everyone across your team understands the importance of customer experience is key. This goes for everyone – the customer-facing staff as well as those working in the back-end. Together, your team ensures that all customer concerns are answered, their needs and wants are met, customer feedback is taken into account, personalised experiences are offered and good relations are established.

Creative thinking

Last but by no means least, creating a work environment that encourages creative thinking is fundamental in establishing a happy, motivated and productive team. Allow your employees to be ambitious and enthusiastic about projects, assist them in their development and progress, and inspire them to think out of the box. The use of creativity can be hugely important in finding the best and most efficient solutions for tasks, even ones that may seem like the opposite of creativity to begin with.