How to create a HomeGroup in Windows 7 [Solved]

Create a HomeGroup in Windows 7

Have you ever heard about Windows 7’s HomeGroup? Maybe, but you did not ever understand how it works actually. Today we will give you the brief knowledge that how you can Create a HomeGroup in Windows 7, and it’s used.

What is a HomeGroup in Windows 7?

A home Group is a group of different Computers on a home network that can easily share files and printers. Document files, Images, Videos, Music can easily be share with other people in your homegroup.

HomeGroup is available in Windows7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. In Windows 7 Starter and Windows 7 home basic, you can’t create the homegroup instead you can join. Some versions of windows have a functionality of setting up the homegroup, and some have to join.

Let’s Create a HomeGroup in Windows 7

When you start your PC with Window 7, Homegroup is automatically created for you. If a homegroup is already available, then you can easily join. Let’s see here how to Create a HomeGroup in Windows 7.

1: Go to start menu, click on Control Panel, type Home Group in the Search box then clicks on the home group.

Create a HomeGroup in Windows 7

Here you can Simply Click on Homegroup,

2:  When you click on Homegroup a new window will open it seems like this and here you can Create a HomeGroup in Windows 7. if here Homegroup is available already then you can’t create you may just join only.

In the top right you will say “There is currently no homegroup on the network.” Now Click on Create a Homegroup.

Create a HomeGroup in Windows 7

3: Share with other home computers running Windows 7 means your computer can share document files and printers with other computers. Here are different options for you. Use libraries and Share it with other PCs. You can share Pictures, Documents, and videos as we told you already.

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Create a HomeGroup in Windows 7


4: After Click on next, a window appear where automatically password for your HomeGroup appear, it seems because it may help for your privacy and able to add the other members to this HomeGroup.

You can change the password and additional setting of your own choice once the home group creates.

  • Don’t forget this Password because it helps you in joining the other members to this Homegroup.

Click Finish to complete, Now you are able to Create a HomeGroup in Windows 7.


Create a HomeGroup in Windows 7 

How can we add other members to HomeGroup?

Now the Question in your mind is, I have created the HomeGroup now what else I have to do for adding the members. Don’t worry, let me explain you:

  • Simply open the Control Panel of other Computer, search for Home Group click on it and you will see the join HomeGroup option.
  • Click on Join Home Group, if they asked for password enters the password that you made when you were creating the HomeGroup on your PC.



After you Create a HomeGroup in Windows 7, add the other computers on your home network to it. Until the other networks join your homegroup, you won’t be able to access their shared files and resources.

Computers must be running Windows 7 to participate in a homegroup. Homegroup is available in all editions of Windows 7. As I already told, In Windows 7 Starter and Windows 7 Home Basic, you can join a homegroup, but you can’t create one.

If you have any issue, let me know in the comments below. For More:


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