Creating eLearning Content Effectively In The Workplace


It has become one of the laments of the year – “they want me to put the entire course online!”

Yet creating eLearning content doesn’t have to be intimidating. In fact, with a little planning and a clear purpose, it’s not difficult at all. 

It’s quite often the case that you’ve been asked to build a course because you’re a subject-matter expert. Or because you’re quite good at writing and collating. You get that ‘tech-stuff’. However, when it’s new it can be daunting and confusing about what lies ahead. But once broken down, the task becomes much easier to achieve. A learning content management system comparison might be just what you need.


First, you need to familiarise yourself with the difference between content and platform, also known as a Learning Content Management System or LCMS. This is where course content is managed, accessed and tracked by the course creator and by the users. When choosing an LCMS, consider:

  • Is it easy to use? A poor user experience will have a negative impact on the learning experience.
  • Does it work on every browser? Don’t make it complicated for people to access the course.
  • What reporting does it offer? Can you get the data you need about your student’s progress?
  • Does it have a good level of support if you hit a hurdle using the LCMS?

Any Learning Content Management Systems will make the process of managing eLearning content more streamlined. A good LCMS will make it a breeze. Yet not all systems are created equally, so it’s well worth your time discovering how to conduct a successful Learning Content Management System comparison. Making yourself aware of the advantages (and disadvantages) between systems will pay for itself in the time and money the business and course creators save.


Some LCMS also have integrated content creation tools. Yet as the adage goes, if a tool does a little bit of everything, it’s unlikely to do all of them well. You should consider separating the platform from content and invest in good authoring tools to create compelling material for your LCMS.

There’s a good reason why people refer to ‘Death By Powerpoint’. Generally speaking, any variation on a Powerpoint presentation was designed to be instructor-led. Without the instructor, it loses almost all its impact. eLearning content has to rise above that, it has to be engaging, be memorable, and be fun!

There are many authoring tools to choose from, the best make your job easy by stripping away the complexities of programming to concentrate on the art of creation. They allow non-technical people to focus on the purpose of the course and ensure it will facilitate learning. You’ll need foreground elements like video, reveals, games and other interactive segments for responsive learning. You’ll also need the background elements for measuring engagement and results.

With the right platform and authoring tools at your disposal, you’re ready to create effective eLearning content for your workplace. It’s no longer intimidating. In fact, the opportunity to share your expertise has become exciting