Disability Support Worker – 4 Reasons Why It’s a Rewarding Career

Maybe you’re a recent graduate or school leaver and you’re wondering what the right career path for you may be? Or, you might already be employed but are seeking a career change.

Have you considered a career as a disability support worker?

It’s certainly a very rewarding career path to keep in mind and in this article, we’ll be covering some key reasons why you might want to become a disability support worker and make a difference in peoples’ lives. 

#1 – It’s a Satisfying Career for Individuals Who Are People-centric

If you’re a person who loves dealing with people in your work on a regular basis, there are numerous jobs you could choose to satisfy this need. However, while many front line jobs deal with people, such as customers, not all of them are as rewarding as job roles where you actually get to truly help someone facing challenges and make a difference in their lives.

On virtually a daily basis, when you’re a disability support worker who works closely with people living with disabilities, you will be making a personal difference by helping to improve someone’s quality of life. There are not many things more rewarding than that. 

#2 – Disability Support Work Pays Well

Make no assumptions that you’ll be making a doctor’s salary as a disability support worker, but the job does pay quite well and can lead to a comfortable lifestyle.

Even entry-level positions will see you earning in the vicinity of about $57k per year, while more senior support workers can earn as much as $73k annually.

Keep in mind that you can use your career as a disability support worker as a stepping stone to other career opportunities that pay even higher. From a financial viewpoint, chasing a career in this field is well worth it. 

#3 – There Is a Lot of Variety

Not many things are more laborious than having a job that’s boring, where you do the same repetitive tasks, day in and day out.

Well, great news if you are looking at a career as a disability support worker. No two days will likely be the same in this diverse and varied role.

For starters, you could be working in a clinic or the hospital helping someone with a disability, or you could find yourself giving them daily assistance in their own home. At other times you might be out and about, taking the individual somewhere they need to go or out for some exercise.

No matter where you’re working, the tasks you will need to perform can vary greatly as well, so you’ll never be bored as a disability support worker. 

#4 – A Career for Individuals Who Love a Challenge

It’s true that working with disabled people on a daily basis can present some challenges, but if you thrive on a challenge, then you’ll likely love your job.

People living with a disability can face many challenges and you’ll be helping them to face those challenges and to overcome them. Both you and your clients get to share in their success, which can prove to be extremely rewarding, providing the ultimate in job satisfaction. 

Getting Started In Your New Career As a Disability Support Worker

If you’re interested in pursuing a career as a disability support worker, then to gain entry into this diverse and rewarding role, step one will be to successfully complete Cert 3 Individual Support. This nationally recognised certificate course is your entry point. From there you can get started in your new career, or undertake further training for other roles in this industry.

The course is full time for 12 months or it can be completed part-time over 24 months. You may even be eligible for funding to pay for your tuition.

If you can complete the studies in just 12 months, that’s really a very short time to become qualified at an entry-level to embark on such a rewarding career. 

The Wrap

As you can see, if you’re wondering what career path to take, if you enjoy working with people and helping them, then seriously consider a career as a disability support worker. It’s a rewarding job on many levels.