Effective ways to transport your business goods

When shopping online most shoppers will find the product they want and then look at the cost of delivery. It’s natural to want to pay as little as possible for delivery. After all, they are giving you a healthy profit by purchasing the goods. Or at least that’s the way many customers view it.

Unfortunately, this leads to a need for the most cost-effective and efficient delivery service possible. The issue with that is that corners are often cut, leaving parcels to arrive damaged, potentially ruining the product inside. 

The blame game will then start as it is difficult to know when the damage occurred and who is at fault. That’s why all businesses need to find effective ways to transport their goods. 

Package Properly

You need to get the packaging right, this reduces the risk of damage to your product even if the parcel is damaged. You should have boxes that are as close to the size of your product as possible. It’s also important to create a cradle for your item, allowing it to snugly fit into the box and be held in position. 

Any spare space should be stuffed with packaging material, preventing the item from moving and offer a layer of protection against knocks and intrusions.


The next step is to clearly label the package. This means adding a to and from address as well as marking it in the appropriate fashion, such as ‘Fragile electronics’. The aim is to encourage the delivery service to be gentle with the package, helping to ensure it arrives in good condition. 

Use Electronic Indicators

However, you also need to consider the nature of your product. The box can protect it from falls and bangs. But, that’s not the only thing that can hurt it. For example, electronic items are sensitive to humidity and temperature changes. Everything you’ve done so far won’t highlight any issues with these elements.  That’s why you need to invest in wireless temperature indicators. These small stickers adhere to the parcel and monitor the temperature and even the humidity. If the package goes outside a defined range the sticker will change color. This alerts the receiver it has been damaged, allowing them to reject it and you to seek retribution from the delivery firm.

The Right Firm

Potentially the most important part of effectively delivering goods is the courier service you decide to use. As mentioned, businesses are increasingly driven by the cheapest possible delivery option. However, bad or damaged deliveries can quickly harm your reputation. It’s better to choose a company that has experience and a good track record with your type of product.

Your customers will not object to paying a little more when they receive their item on time and in perfect condition. A few testimonies of this nature online can make a huge difference to your future success!

Your first step should be to evaluate your current procedures. You’ll be able to identify the risk areas and take steps to resolve them. It won’t just be the customer that’s happy, your bottom line will look better as well!