Enhance Your Student Life with an India VPN

This past year has been wild, and we bet it put a huge dent in your plans as a student as well. While we can’t do anything about the pandemic, we can at least make your life easier with an India VPN (such as these ones: https://proprivacy.com/vpn/comparison/best-vpn-india)

How can a VPN benefit you? Scroll on and find out.

Done Studying? Enjoy Some Well-Earned Entertainment

Did you know that Indians pay more for Netflix than other countries, but have a smaller library of shows and movies to choose from? Fortunately, this can easily be solved with an India VPN. Simply connect to a different country using the VPN app of your choice, and you’ll gain access to that area’s Netflix library.

You may also unblock different streaming services which aren’t available in India, such as BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and more. In short, you can make the most of your current streaming subscription while also unlocking new avenues for entertainment.

VPNs also let you access Hotstar and other exclusive Indian programming while you’re abroad on holiday or a school trip. Good to keep in mind for when things return to normal. 

Avoid School Wi-Fi Restrictions

Of course, you can’t exactly enjoy all of these things if your student hostel, campus, or the school network admins impose any Wi-Fi restrictions. It’s not uncommon for educational organizations to restrict many websites and services so students can focus on, well, their education. Fair enough, that’s what schools are supposed to be about.

However, people aren’t soulless robots that can constantly absorb information. When it’s time to relax, the local Wi-Fi had better let you watch your favorite shows, check out Instagram, and so on. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about pesky admins blocking the fun parts of the Internet. An India VPN will help you bypass firewalls and let you experience the Internet more freely.

Bypass Censorship and Service Bans

What if your school admins aren’t buzzkills that restrict access to Netflix and all the other cool stuff? Well, don’t worry; the government is hard at work, banning things like TikTok and censoring plenty other apps and services.

The main reason for these restrictions? Well, you’ve probably heard news about how TikTok is spyware for the Chinese government. Mind you, there is still no evidence that this is the case. Unsurprisingly, these bans do not extend to all the other apps on your phone that collect data about you.

For example, the Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal was only a few years ago, yet the social media app is still up and running. In any case, using a VPN in India will let you regain your Internet freedom and avoid online censorship.

Do keep in mind that mobile apps (Chinese or otherwise) may be blocked through your device ID and may not work on your phone. Regardless, you can still access the browser version of TikTok and other services banned in India with a VPN.

Can I Use an Indian VPN for Torrenting?

Torrenting is unfortunately associated with illegal downloads, even though it has plenty of legal uses. Companies may share huge files quickly and conserve bandwidth while they’re at it. Meanwhile, music artists and filmmakers may freely share their work online through torrent websites.

Now, we don’t condone the use of illegal torrents. Yes, a VPN will offer some degree of online anonymity and hide your Internet traffic from your Internet provider. However, this won’t prevent the police from simply searching your devices without a warrant if they believe you’ve pirated anything.

At least VPNs can keep you safe from cyber threats while browsing and using torrenting clients. How can they achieve that? By hiding your IP address (and thus your real life location), and encrypting your data, of course. This will also allow you to use torrents in public spaces such as hotels, airports, and other locations which usually block P2P traffic.

Should I Use a Free India VPN?

Anything with “free” in the title can be terribly tempting, especially as a student with not much pocket change. However, there are several good reasons why using a free VPN can be a disaster, such as selling or leaking your personal data online.

Even when you’re not faced with several security issues, you still have to deal with the poor service quality. After all, it costs a lot of money to run, maintain, and upgrade a VPN service as it gains new users. Free providers simply lack the necessary funding to offer high speed servers.

Moreover, free plans often have insufficient data caps (around 10 GB a month). If they don’t, you can expect them to throttle your bandwidth. You know, so every user can experience equally bad network performance.

Save yourself the trouble. Click the link in the beginning to get the best deals on seven different top-notch India VPN providers. Best part? You have 30 days to change your mind and get a refund if you don’t like the service in any way.