Everything you need to know about CREST penetration testing

Every company works hard to ensure its important data and information is well protected. You can only achieve that by hiring a CREST-approved penetration provider. CREST (Council of Registered Ethical Security Testers) is an independent organization that regulates penetration testing companies. So, where do you get CREST approved providers, and why is it important to engage them in your business? Here is everything you need to know about CREST penetration testers.

What is pen testing?

Penetration testing involves accessing a company’s security system by checking different possible attacks from cybercriminals. An ethical hacker will identify and solve all security vulnerabilities in networks, applications, and systems within a business organization.

Ethical hacking can be done in different ways, and each company can operate according to its standards. That’s why it’s essential to do a background check before you allow anyone to access your business security system and data.

Why is it important to involve CREST-accredited providers to do penetration testing?

Hiring a CREST-approved provider will give you peace of mind since CREST only accredits people who fully meet all the necessary requirements. That way, you will be sure that the entire pen testing process is being done to the best technical, ethical, and legal standards. All CREST-certified providers are supposed to prepare, execute the assignment, and give feedback while ensuring your company’s private data is protected. Read more on the same from https://www.nettitude.com/hk/crest/

What are the benefits of involving CREST accredited providers?

There are numerous advantages associated with hiring a CREST-accredited provider. Some of the benefits include:

  • Highly skilled professionals do the penetration test. That means your business’s security system will be checked by people who qualify and improve your entire security system.
  • You get greater customer assurance. Most companies don’t like exposing their business data to just everyone. CREST-approved providers know and understand all the rules and practices that protect customers’ data. Businesses also get an opportunity to have a commercial advantage when applying for contracts.
  • Promote regulatory compliance. A credible pen tester should support and comply with security requirements such as the NIS Regulations, ISO 27001, and the GDPR. Such bodies evaluate and assess the operation of the penetration service provider.
  • Globally recognized accreditation. CREST is recognized globally, and it gives companies assurance when working with a foreign penetration tester. Inviting an unverified pen-testing provider can risk your company’s data.
  • Up-to-date expertise. The online threats change as technology advances. CREST ensures that it periodically repeats the certification process. CREST also updates its members on the latest development through workshops and events. You’re sure the CREST-approved providers will identify and solve all current threats.

Hiring CREST approved providers to perform pen-testing services is important because they’re experienced and taught to adhere to ethical, legal, and technical standards. You will be sure that they’ll follow the set security practices that protect your data from external threats. CREST ensures all the providers are updated with the current threats, and hiring them means your business security system will be safe from the current threats.