Everything You Need to Know About Virtual Business Phone Systems

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Aside from being clunky and expensive, legacy phone systems are also starting to look a bit outdated in today’s digital age. All across the business world, the physical hardware with buttons and cords is becoming a thing of the past. Actual phones are being replaced by virtual ones.

Virtual phone systems, or VoIP for short, allow businesses big and small to stay in touch with their clients, customers, and partners using the medium of the digital age – the internet. Whether you need better communication flow externally or internally, VoIP will help you out.

Here’s why your competitors are already using virtual business phone systems:

VoIP Keeps You Available 24/7 Across Devices

Nothing can cause more damage to an aspiring business than long wait times.

Modern-day customers simply don’t like being put on hold. In the age of limitless connectivity, they lack both the patience and understanding for not getting the resolution they need right when they need it. And given the number of comm channels available today, that’s not surprising.

Of course, your wait times depend primarily on your customer service reps and their ability to reach a resolution quickly. But the quality of your phone line plays an important role as well. Reps should be enabled to handle their calls without losing a single second on mere technicalities.

What makes VoIP different is that it allows you to have your calls rerouted to your desk or mobile phone, your PC or your tablet. By keeping you available 24/7 across devices, this system drastically eliminates wait times. Simultaneously, it boosts the productivity of your service reps.

It Doubles as a Simple CRM System for Your Business

From the many options provided on phone.com virtual phone system is a great choice.

It’s also a database that equips your customer satisfaction reps, your sales team, and everyone else within your company with the basic information on return callers. This doesn’t only help you leave a professional impression on your clients and partners, but also allows you to be ready.

In terms of customer relationship management, this is crucial.

Getting caught not knowing your loyal customers’ names, pain points, and preferred solutions can cost you their trust. Pronouncing your large donor’s name wrong can cost you even more than that, which is why you need an integrated database of reliable and organized caller info.

This is another VoIP capability that boosts the efficiency of customer service reps and all those who use phone lines to secure the future of your company on a daily basis. With an integrated and simple database, they’ll have everything they could possibly need, right at their fingertips.

Virtual Phones Come with a Host of Useful Features

Other useful VoIP capabilities include:

  • Call transfer, which eliminates wait times by rerouting calls to the right person.
  • Video call conference, which is a great feature for both internal and external teamwork.
  • Call queuing, which can make potential wait time a bit easier on the caller.
  • Interactive voice response, which doubles as a digital secretary who transfers calls.
  • Call barging, which allows managers and seniors to supervise beginners during sales calls.

Taken together, these additional features help create communications flow that every business can benefit from. They enable you to achieve productivity on the move, leave a professional impression on your customers and partners, and unlock seamless collaboration.

And still, call charges with VoIP systems are cheaper than traditional calls.

So not only can a virtual phone system help you optimize your day-to-day operations and thus grow your business faster, but it also won’t burn your budget the same way carrier-based call charges do. There’s no expensive hardware, no line rentals, and no unpredictable fees.

Your Business can Pick Both Vanity and Local Numbers

But isn’t it a wrong move to have your phone number changed after so many years?

The catch is, you can keep it and still have a brand new VoIP.

Your business’ virtual phone number can be your current one, as seen here. You can also choose a different local number if you want, or get a catchy new vanity number that your customers old and new will be able to remember in a heartbeat. VoIP simply offers you the flexibility to choose.


As explained in this study by Gartner, 89% of businesses are expected to compete mainly on customer experience. Phone-based customer service is still a huge part of it, whether we’re talking about pre-purchase assistance, post-purchase support, or actual sales.

And digital times call for digital measures.

With all the advantages and benefits of virtual phone systems explained before, your business will have a solid chance of staying relevant and competitive in this new landscape. Being internet-based, VoIP is simply the technology for the present and future of business.