Techrapidly is providing only the genuine information to the users. All the outbound links are genuine and according to the policies. Techrapidly does not provide the inappropriate linking to another site. Also, not providing the links which have lack of information.

Here are the Few Points that Techrapidly does not provide links If Site has these Issues:

  • If the Link has any Privacy Issues.
  • Any immoral or illegal promotion.
  • Any Promotion of any People/Users.
  • Promotion of weapons.
  • The sexually Abused Content material is strictly not allowed.
  • Content that is against any Government.

All the other policies will also be noticeable else than above ones. Also, Techrapidly only provides the information about the sites which are:

  • Appropriate and Authenticate Information.
  • The site has all the policies that are appropriate.
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  • Read more about Privacy Policy.