Free and easy-to-use screen recorder in 2021

If you’re using your computer often, you will find yourself needing to record the screen from time to time. It might be for a videogame, if you want to have a copy of your conferences for work, or just for personal use when you want to keep something in mind. A tool like IObit Screen Recorder can become indispensable for you, especially if you want to screen record very often. It’s going to be well worth it, so that’s certainly something to take into consideration as much as possible for the best results.


How can you use IObit Screen Recorder?

This is a free screen recorder that can help you record any portion of your screen. That means you can record only half the screen, the bottom right, the entire screen, or anything else. They are bringing a flexible screen capture tool that’s very efficient, it gets the job done nicely, and the experience itself is a very good one. To make things even better, the IObit Screen Recorder has a simple interface. You can choose when, where, and how to record, and everything is adapted to your needs. It certainly helps quite a lot, offering you the convenience and support you need. 

Customizing your recording experience

One of the main advantages that I found while using this online screen recorder is that this is an app that helps you change pretty much all the settings. You can select the recording region, but you can also modify the video size and format, quality, audio format, framerate, and so on. It’s great because it always helps you get the results you want. Normally you will find such features in paid tools, so having all of this for free is always worth the effort. You will certainly appreciate the value and results, and the experience can be great.

Outstanding performance

For me, the most important thing regarding a screen recorder is how well it works. Thankfully, the IObit Screen Recorder stands out of the crowd by delivering some of the best screen recording features, while still being versatile and a pleasure to adapt to your needs. It’s definitely worth using since it doesn’t have any lag while recording and the CPU utilization is very low. You can also record audio directly, without having to worry about anything. It also offers some slight editing features too. They do a very good job at supporting multiple formats as an output, which does come in handy quite a bit.

Is IObit Screen Recorder for you?

If you need to record any type of content, I believe that IObit Screen Recorder will convey all the value you want and so much more. It’s very dependable and easy to use, customizable and it has pretty much all the features you want. Plus, it’s free, and nothing can beat that price. It’s working very well on Windows, it comes with a low CPU utilization rate and no lag. You can even edit a bit after recording. It’s maybe the best screen recorder available, and since it’s available without paying a dime, you can test it out for yourself today!