Future yourself in highly paid position in a prestigious company with Free Education Abroad

free education

If in the future you see yourself in a highly paid position in a prestigious company, then today you need to think about a good education. Of course, you need to spend a lot of effort and time to get it. However, don`t forget that reliable specialists, supporting students in writing quality content, are always ready to help.

It is no secret that a good education can be obtained abroad. Every day, more and more large companies prefer students with international diplomas. Thus, in this article, we will talk about free study abroad, about scholarships, grants, and distance learning. And also we will tell in which countries free education really exists, and where you can save a lot.

Where to Get Free Education?

Free training can be obtained in different countries of the world, for example, in Germany, the Czech Republic, Canada, the USA, Holland, etc. It is necessary to consider the particularities of receiving free education in these countries in more detail.

#1 Germany

This country is rightfully considered one of the most attractive for foreign students. Study.eu online platform experts have compiled a rating from 30 countries, in which Germany is in first place.

German state universities provide:

  • Knowledgebase of the European level;
  • International diploma upon graduation;
  • The opportunity for foreign students to study abroad for free.

However, all state universities in Germany have a semester fee. Its size is an average of 250 euros. The funds are necessary for a mutual assistance society for students and the Joint Student Committee. In some cities, part of the funds also goes to purchase a student ticket. This ticket allows you to travel around the city and between cities for free. It is important to understand that foreign students must independently pay for accommodation, meals and take on other expenses associated with staying in a foreign country. But still, this amount is much less than what you have to pay for tuition at a private university.

#2 Czech Republic

Along with German universities, Czech universities are also very popular among students who are looking for free study abroad. Diplomas are valid in all countries of the world, and higher education received in the Czech Republic complies with the standards adopted in the countries of the European Union. Education in Czech state universities is free if you study in Czech. You can study in the Czech Republic in English, but then the tuition fee per year is 1000 euros.

#3 Canada

The Canadian education can be obtained for free after winning funding or a scholarship. In all other cases, you have to pay. This applies not only to international students. Residents of Canada also pay for their studies, just for them the cost of studying is slightly lower. Thus, you can choose not universities, but municipal colleges. A year here will cost ~ 12000-15000 Canadian dollars. If you decide to get a second education, be prepared for the fact that the chances of winning a scholarship for a master’s degree are often higher.

#4 USA

Higher education in the USA is paid. The average cost of studying is ~ $ 20,000 / year. To reduce costs, you can get a scholarship from the university or funding covering the cost of study. If scholarships are quite simple for bachelors, then grants are more often for graduate or postgraduate studies. To study here you will need a confident level of English, excellent academic results and decent experience in volunteering. The combination of these factors will give you the opportunity to reduce the cost of training significantly.

#5 Holland

Dutch institutions offer paid tuition. But universities are willing to issue scholarships that can cover almost the entire cost of study. To receive a scholarship you will need to demonstrate an excellent level of language proficiency, grades and prove that you are worthy of this scholarship. The cost of state universities starts from € 7000 / year. Take away 50% and get a real price for a prestigious international diploma. However, it is realistic to win a scholarship even of € 10,000. 

As you can see, studying abroad for free is not a myth, but a reality. Do not miss your chance! Try it and you will succeed.