Get Through The Winter Season With These Five Top Boiler Maintenance Tips 

When winter comes, the time for turning on that heating system will be here. To keep your family warm and comfortable and avoid unnecessary breakdowns during the cold weather, it is essential to keep up with boiler maintenance requirements. All sorts of problems can arise when you ignore maintenance. Use the following tips to help you reach your goals of boiler longevity and efficiency.  

Annual Maintenance 

When it comes to keeping your boiler in top condition, annual maintenance is essential. Your boiler will always be in full working order with boiler cover from Corgi Home Plan. It is important to hire a gas safe engineer to conduct the boiler maintenance. You need to make sure that your boiler system and all its functions are working. The boiler, together with its essential components, will be thoroughly cleaned during maintenance. The fall, which comes right before the winter season, is the best time to have boiler maintenance performed.  

Get The Radiator Ready

In order to warm up properly, the boiler needs to run for several minutes. Due to the presence of air within the system, some radiators may not be able to heat up instantly. If touch the radiator and find that the bottom is hot while the top is still cold, you might need to bleed the radiator

You will need a bucket, rag and radiator key to get this done. If you have any leaks, the bucket will come in handy. Insert the key and turn it counter clockwise, after covering the carpet. You will hear a hissing sound as air escapes the radiator. Water will start leaking out, after all the air has escaped, and the hissing sound has stopped.  

Any water that has leaked out should be mopped up. Use the radiator key to close the valve after you are done bleeding the radiator. Check the pressure gauge level afterwards. Your boiler may need to be refilled, if you notice any reduction in pressure.  

Common Boiler Repair Issues 

You might be forced to call in repair experts if you have a valve that has been painted over – which amounts to a repair problem. Our Corgi Home Plan technicians can handle the issue on your behalf, if you are unable to open the valve. 

You could be facing a build-up of sludge inside the radiator, if the top is hot and the bottom is cold. This issue may also be caused by a broken valve – which can be replaced easily.  

A little fine tuning might be all that you need, if the temperature of all radiators is not uniform. To make sure that the system is operating at an optimum level, you need to balance the heat from the radiators. While you might need to call in a professional if you have a larger home, homeowners can actually balance their home’s radiators on their own.   

Safety Is Essential 

It is important to conduct boiler safety checks. Combustion and flue safety checks should be handled by experts. The right mix of gas and air is also needed by boilers. These checks should also cover all electrical connections. To make sure that all electrodes are working as required, boiler repair technicians also check the electrodes, seals and fans. The condensate trap and safety devices connected to the boiler system must be checked as well. 

Tackling boiler maintenance may not be appealing to all DIY enthusiasts. However, you now have all the information you need to handle some of these tasks, if you are interested in conducting boiler maintenance on your own. Just be sure to leave the safety checks and other sensitive tasks to the experts. This way, you can be sure that they will be done right; thus, ensuring the safety of your family.  

Our team takes pride in the services they offer. We have what it takes to handle your boiler maintenance requirements; so be sure to contact us via phone today. To make sure that you are good to go when winter comes, be sure to handle these tasks during the fall. Your boiler must be in perfect working condition, if you want to keep your family cozy and warm during the colder months of the year.