How Big Companies Are Using Customer Service to Promote Business

You received your Amazon package and it’s broken. What do you think you are going to do? Complain to a friend? Maybe for therapy but what do you have to do? Like most people, your answer would be reporting this to the Amazon customer service.

Nearly half of the consumer population around the globe thinks customer service is all about a bunch of guys behind phone calls just listening to your complaints about their product. Well, they are not entirely wrong but there is much more to the story.

Business experts believe that customer service offers more value to the business than most people think. Most small business owners underestimate the value of customer service just because they do not feel like spending a budget on it. I mean why would you want to spend money, hire and train people just so your customers can complain? 

If you think the same, then we have news for you. Customer service is not just helping brands to streamline their communication, it is a primary way of cutting marketing and innovation budgets.

Market and innovation? 

Yes, I was shocked as well.

How can listening to your customers’ complaints help with selling your product or making it better? 

This is exactly what we are going to talk about in this article. If you are a small business owner and you want to know how big brands are using customer service to promote their business, keep reading. 

4 Ways Companies Are Using Customer Service to Promote Business 

  1. Promoting Diversity 

Customers today don’t want to just buy the product, they want to buy the feeling. Don’t believe me? Look at the number of shampoo companies in the US and then look at the shampoo that you are using. Have you ever thought about why you are using that shampoo?

To help you understand this, people want to enjoy the feeling that comes with the product. Luxury, comfort, beauty, kindness, fun or success. Currently one of the biggest feelings that most brands are selling is diversity. 

Brands want customers to feel included. Yes, they end up making decisions behind closed doors but they want to know someone from your race was sitting on the table. This is the reason companies invest in inclusive customer service. They want their customer to connect on a fundamental level. 

Global brands like Amazon or local big brands like Xfinity are all working on their inclusive customer service. For instance, Spanish customers can access the Comcast Xfinity en español customer service where the support communicates with them in Spanish. 

  1. Building Engagement

How do you know your marketing campaign is working? Experts say that your marketing is supposed to make people feel something. How would you know it? The simple answer is through engagement. 

While most brands spend billions on generating engagement and getting people to talk about their products, big companies are doing the same with the right customer service.

For instance, you might have come across people talking about Amazon customer service. So far, Amazon offers one of the best customer services in the market. Their people are not just trained, they are people-centric. They will listen to you and make sure you get your money back or your issue is resolved.

In fact, people think that Amazon has a full return policy. You tell them you have a faulty product or you received something broken, and rest assured the company will be there for you. While most people argue that Amazon is losing money with this, others might argue that they are gaining positive publicity with it.  

  1. Understanding Pain Points

Innovation gets the product going for years. This is the reason big brands spend billions on new features, updates, or better-quality products. However, most of these features and innovative ideas evoke from addressing the pain points of the users.

As a business owner with a limited budget, I have learned that your customers will tell you all about their needs. Yes, there might be a bit of yelling involved but if you take their complaints seriously, you will be able to save billions. Not to forget that it will also help you to build a solid customer base. 

Nearly all the big brands use the same strategy to establish customer relations, which is the reason they have strong customer loyalty. 

  1. Cutting Marketing Budget 

Market in its essence is all about letting people know what you are selling. While most people think that you need to spend billions on your marketing campaign, a good TVC, or a digital campaign, others believe that your customer is your best endorser. 

When you listen to your customer, address their issues, and make them feel valued, you will see them talking about you. Even as a business owner, I tell my circle about the company handling my logistics or the printing company handling my load. Trust me when I tell you, it works. 

Wrap Up 

Customer service works as the backbone of a business. With the right tactics and making your customers feel valued, you can notice that your customers will not just communicate new ideas but also will become your biggest supporters.