How Playing Games Can Improve Your Office Productivity

No playing games at the workplace. This statement is among the list of workplace rules in many organizations. Many companies believe that games are a waste of time. Allowing the workers to play games will lower your business productivity. 

Why? The workers will use much of their time on games rather than productive tasks. Also, games are part of relaxation, while work requires commitment and focus. If you think so, you are wrong. Playing games could be the best idea to improve productivity in your offices. But how is this possible? Here are some ways on how playing games can boost office productivity:

Games make working a fun experience 

The dream of every organization is to ensure their staff achieve work-life balance. However, this remains as a wish. Many staff sees the workplace as a serious environment. The result of this aspect is making the workplace become a chore scene that impacts the work-life balance. By allowing the employees to play games, this can change.

With the relaxation notion, games bring fun to the workplace. The employees enjoy regular breaks within the working time to participate in games. This way, work becomes a fun experience which in turn boost workers productivity.

They boost decision making 

To win a game, you must make the right decision. For instance, in chess, you need to analyze your opponent effectively before making your moves. A simple mistake can cost you the game and lead to loss. 

Through playing such games, employees learn the essence of making the right decision. They charge the way of how employees make decisions. In particular, it teaches the employees to analyze information effectively before arriving at a decision. With improved and quality decision-making, your office productivity goes up.

Improve team spirit among the workers

The secret of a successful organization has strong teams. An organization will witness high productivity when employees can coordinate and join hands with each other. Some games like chess are essential in promoting team spirit in your organization. 

In chess, every piece plays a crucial role. You must strategically move the pieces to defeat your opponent. Through it, employees can learn the essence of every person in realizing the organization’s goals. The employees will understand why everyone matters which will boost collaboration and cooperation. This way, the productivity level of your office will surge.   

A good way to manage work-related stress

No doubt, the day-to-day workplace demands can lead to stress. You have to meet certain deadlines, handle client orders and complaints, deal with hard employees, and make tough decisions each day. These aspects work out your brains and make the workplace stressful.

Games can be a good way to deal with such stresses. When you allow employees to play games in the workplace, it will improve their relaxation. Relaxed employees are always happy and productive. So, games will help the employees handle workplace stresses and boost productivity in your office.

Enhance trust in the workplace

Suspicion and mistrust are some of the enemies of productivity in any organization. If employees cannot trust each other, it is hard for them to collaborate. The lack of collaboration hurts production in the workplace. However, games can be the magic pill to change the situation.

Games create a sense of fun and friendliness. As employees play a game with each other, they develop trust and erode suspicion.  With strong trust, teamwork becomes a norm. The result will be high productivity as each person can collaborate and cooperate with their colleagues. 

So, if you have a rule limiting staff from playing games at the workplace, you are hindering productivity. Rethink about the idea and examine its impact on performance.