How to clean up your Mac

Top Tips for Keeping Your Mac Optimized and Fast

Macs arguably offer the best computing experience possible and providing you conduct a little maintenance will offer years of great service. With this in mind, let’s look at how you can keep your Mac running fast.

To ensure your Mac is faster than a speeding bullet, use these tips from Clean My Mac.

Ensure Your OS is Current

One thing we Mac users tend to forget is to keep the OS current. It is good practice to run the newest iteration on your Mac for optimal speed. With every new OS comes bug fixes and optimization improvements. You’ll miss out on these if you’re running an older OS.

As such, make sure your Mac is running the best OS it can.

Upgrading an OS takes time. As such, you may want to do this last thing at night and let it do its thing or you may want to do it when you are out for the day.

Ensure Your Apps are Current

Like your OS, apps on your Mac should be the newest version they can be. Newer versions bring bug fixes, security and optimization improvements, and newer more funky features.

Again, you’re missing out on all of this good stuff if your apps are running older versions. If you don’t know, you’ll find ‘Check for Updates’ in the Apple menu next to each app.

Keep Cache Clean

Macs accumulate cache over time. It is useful data that helps run apps and open web pages faster. Issues occur when apps and web pages update as the older cache comes into conflict with newer versions.

The main areas to concentrate on are:

  • Browser cache
  • System cache
  • Apps (User cache)

Even if your machine is running well it is a good idea to keep caches clean. As well as slowing down your Mac it fills your storage with unneeded junk.

Clean up Your Startup

The chances are you’ve noticed that on startup several apps launch. Some are needed but there are quite a few that are launching unnecessarily. When an app launches it uses resources that could be going to give you a better computing experience.

So go to:

  • System Preferences 
  • Click Users & Groups
  • Click your username
  • Select Login Items
  • Select the items that you know you don’t need launching when you switch on your Mac
  • Click the “-“ at the bottom to prevent them from launching
  • Reboot

This will free up your resources considerably.

A Clean and Tidy Desktop is the Way to go

If you’ve got a desktop full of app shortcuts you could be slowing down your device. When you boot your Mac it will try and open every app causing delays in the boot process and some apps will remain open draining resources.

If you’ve got a few shortcuts it won’t be an issue. If you’ve got 50 it is a different story. Get in the habit of keeping your desktop tidy for a better Mac experience.

Macs are amazing and with a little love and care, you’ll have a great computing experience.

For more information see Apple Support.