How to improve the health and safety of your business


As an employer, you are responsible for the health and safety of your employees. Risk can arise in all areas of business, so risk must be managed correctly. 

Health and safety laws apply to any business no matter the size or industry. As an employer, you are responsible for ensuring your business complies with the appropriate health and safety laws. This consists of putting the correct precautions in place to reduce hazards and make the workplace a safe place to be. This could get achieved by providing the relevant PPE or removing risk altogether – it is all worth it. 

So, here are our tips to improve the health and safety of your business. 


Whilst you would expect your employees to understand how to avoid general risk, work-specific risk could require training.

You might have specialist equipment, complicated machinery, or powerful electronics in use around your workplace. Therefore, these all require appropriate training to ensure they get used correctly and safely. 

You might wish to implement work-specific health and safety training for all employees. In which case, training records should get kept ensuring everyone has got the same information. 


Providing your staff with the resources they need to ensure their health and safety is paramount. Basic facilities such as toilets, hot and cold running water, kitchens, and communal areas give your employees the necessary space to look after themselves. What’s more, offering quality facilities such as these in your workplace will help improve your employee’s physical and mental health. 

Risk assessments 

Risk assessments are an in-depth examination of the safety of your workplace. Your facilities will be under scrutiny and, any risks will get reviewed. 

Once the workplace risks have got reviewed, appropriate action will get taken. This might consist of making changes or removing the risk altogether. 

Once you have been informed on how to improve the health and safety in your workplace, our employees are much safer. 

It is recommended that risk assessments get completed yearly. This guarantees you keep on top of any changes and ensure the smooth running of your business. 

Health and safety poster 

It is a requirement that you display the health and safety law poster that employees can see and access whenever they desire. 

It should state the rules that the employer and employees must follow whilst displaying the contact details of your business’s health and safety representative. So, if your employees have any concerns about the health and safety in the workplace, they have someone to contact.