How to Land a Job in Tech

The tech industry has continued to grow over the course of the pandemic. reports that in 2019 alone, there were over 12.1 million workers in the sector, making up 10% of America’s economy. With businesses moving to mostly online platforms, there has been an increasing need for tech professionals.

The new normal has also boosted the demand for tech experts because they can navigate online mediums efficiently and with ease. If you are looking to start a career in tech, but are unsure how here are some of the things you can do to get your foot in the door:

Apply for an internship

This may be something that not a lot of people consider, especially not those who already have jobs, but applying for an internship will help you gain a footing in the industry. suggests that these programs can be beneficial for both employers and interns. Not only will you be able to learn most of the basics, but you will also be able to build connections and networks with people already working in the industry. You may even be offered a permanent position at the end of the program if the company believes you are a good fit for the role.

Companies like Google has a great UX Specialist program that will teach you the ins and outs of a successful user-based platform. And this type of training and experience gives you an edge during the job search; some programs may even have career placement features. At the end of the day, internships are a good way of gaining experience and practical knowledge.

Take an online course

If you want to join the industry while still supporting yourself with another non-tech job, online courses are a great way to get started in the field. They will teach you many fundamental and specialized skills that you need to know to be able to land a good job in tech. explains how the Thinkful Coding Bootcamp is a great option. It teaches students how to code, which is essential for many tech positions. In addition, Thinkful also offers courses on data science, information technology, and software creation, which are just some of the things employers are looking for when looking at candidates. Having formal training and credentials could get you noticed in a skill-based field like tech.

Build your portfolio

As you gain new tech know-how, you should also be working on building your portfolio. This is how employers will be able to see your work and is a great way you can showcase your skills. In the tech industry, it is important to have one so you can let companies know exactly what you can offer them.

A previous article on mentioned how visual representations of what you do will give people a better idea of your potential and your actual output. A great way you can do this is through curating a portfolio of your best works. Make sure that have one that is easy to navigate and that highlights your best points because there will be times that businesses will base their decision on the one you send them. Building a good portfolio might sound like a small thing, but it can help you in the long run.

Find a company that suits your goals

If you have the skills and credentials already, the last thing you will need is to look for a company you can work for. This doesn’t mean you should just apply to just any organization, but you need to choose one whose goals align with your own.

Kathryn Vasel writes on that looking for one is easy now in the age of the internet. Most of the information you need is just a click away. This is important because you will want to work for a place that fosters growth, especially if you are new to the industry. Choosing the right company will certainly make a big difference.

As the demand for tech professionals grows, many people have decided to try their hand at it. Use these tips to stand out and convince employers that you are right for the role.