How To Make Friends Online

Making friends online is trending now because, with the rise of technology, there is a rise in making friends online. It is the need of the day, especially if you are someone who is attending online college classes. It may sound a little complicated  but one who excels in social media surfing may find it to be one of the easiest ways to make friends online. There are numerous online communities, platforms, websites, app, and many other ways that may help even a newcomer in social media to enjoy a good friendship online. This unique blog similar to Huffpost is an ultimate guide to ways to make friends online:

Choose the right Network

The first step to make friends online is to choose the right network. You may choose a network of similar-minded people like yours that will help you to search for more people who have common interests as yours.

Make an attractive Profile

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While making a web page, or any other social media platform, you should make your profile attractive. You can add your interests, pictures, hobbies, favorite books, your qualification, majors, in your profile. This helps to connect with people of the same criteria. Once people get to know about you, they will themselves contact you via e-mails, messages, comments etc. 

Be Active on Social Media Platforms

Once you are done with your online profile, you must frequently post and upload new contents. You must be an active member of your group. People lost interest in you if you are not interested in connecting with them actively. Thus, your regular attendance and participation play a major role in providing you with a true lineage of friends. You must regularly engage yourself on those pieces of contents, leave a ”like” and a” comment” or” question” on platforms like Facebook, Instagram. Your comments should be positive like” nice” “Great” and “I appreciate that”, to make others follow you for friendship. 

Don’t Share your Personal details on Social Platforms

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The internet is always not safe for every user. Instead, it is loaded with a number of scammers and fraudulent. You must not share your personal information like phone number, date, and place of your birth in your profile or it may lead you to be followed by criminal activists. For a true and sincere friendship online, your phone number doesn’t matter but your interests do.

Communication Skills

Your communication skills include your behavior, types of questions you ask, response. You have to stay very positive, patient, and persistent. You must be balanced in your response, time, and energy that you spend communicating with the person. The amount of energy and time you invest while communicating with the person should balance the amount of energy and time others invest. In this way, you can have the number of trustworthy friends.

Share a little in the beginning

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Just at the start of the friendship, don’t overload a person with too many questions. In the beginning, share a little about yourself and let the other person shares more from his side. You may be like a good listener at first. Let him share his information, interests etc. Keep on talking with him frequently, if he sees really interested to have friendship with you, you may start with the basics about yourself like where you grew, your hobbies, type of music you like and also subjects related to your studies. You may also share deepest secrets if you get full trust over this friendship.

Online Games help you to make online friends

One of the most convenient ways to make friends online is to start playing online games with others. You will get connected to a worldwide community. You will get your mind explored out of the box. You can have an online conversations with them while playing games and may share your common interest. Playing games frequently may help you to choose the best among them. 

Sending a private message

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It is possible that you have been following someone whom you find most compatible to make friends with. Now you are hesitant to ask for friendship publicly in any comment box, you may then send a private message in Facebook messenger.  If you found him from a chat group of WhatsApp, you may also privately text him on his number to avoid any inconvenience