How to promote your online game stream?

Gaming has also become part of the mainstream culture. A decade ago no one actually cared much about apart from the people who belonged to the community. This is because the gaming community was mostly underground and did not get any recognition from the media or the general public. It took years of dedication and passion for some of the pro gamers and franchises to build the community. Players have dedicated their lives to be the best at popular games to make a name for themselves. Until a few years ago the only way professional gamers could make good money was by participating in eSports tournaments or others of a similar kind. 

But not everyone could make money as there can only be one winner. However, the rise of internet connectivity and the emergence of streaming platforms have given gamers a new way of making money. Gamers can create an account on these streaming platforms and stream their gameplay online. There are many professional and popular gamers are now making a decent living because of these platforms. Even the gamers who are not competitive are making money by streaming their gameplay. If you are someone who is looking forward to creating a channel and live stream video gaming then you need to get subscribers to earn money. 

Here are a few tips that will help promote your online game stream.

Choose a platform

There are plenty of platforms that will allow you to stream video gaming. But you have to choose carefully on which channel you are going to stream. This is important because each platform is different from other platforms. The most popular platforms for video game streamers are Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook gaming. The majority of the people who watch video game live streams do it on YouTube or Twitch. 

Twitch is especially popular for video game streaming. You can find most of the professional gamers who are world champions and legends of the gaming community on Twitch. Twitch has made a name for itself solely as a streaming platform that has a great user interface and user experience for gamers as well as viewers. But the problem is not everyone knows about Twitch. Apart from that, you can stream on other platforms if you stream on Twitch otherwise you will lose your affiliate status. On the other hand, YouTube is widely known, and easy to get an account to start making money. But it is not a platform that is exclusively designed for video game streaming. So take your time and choose wisely.

Stream regularly

Once you have created a channel you have to treat streaming like an actual job. You cannot afford to stream whenever you wish. One must stream consistently if they want to keep increasing their subscriber base and reach more people. It is not different from a 9 to 5 job. You have to work regularly to make your channel successful. If you stop live streaming for a week or two you might lose subscribers and never gain them back. You have to live stream almost every day if your channel is new.  

Use good equipment

This is something that most of the new streamers don’t understand. It is very important to use good quality equipment. This is because you don’t want any disturbances or problems while you are live streaming. Just don’t use any microphone or camera that you can get for cheap. Do some research and find which equipment is good for streaming. You will definitely get good equipment within the budget. They will make your live stream clear and more engaging as viewers can notice every little detail. Try to use a green screen if you can. Because it will hide everything in the background. Your live stream will look more attractive to the audience if they don’t have to see what’s in your bedroom.  

Create an attractive banner

This is one of the most important things if you want people to watch your live streams. Probably the most important thing if you want someone who has no idea of your channel to watch your live stream. A banner will show people what you are offering. It will convey what type of live stream it is and what the atmosphere is going to be. Since you are gaming it is better to keep it light-hearted. So, create a banner that looks more fun rather than aggressive or competitive. Your banner should also have elements of the game that you are going to live stream. So it attracts people who may not be your subscribers but fans of that game. There are many websites where you can create banners easily. If you don’t have an idea on which platform to use, use PosterMyWall to create your banner.

Interact with your subscribers

You may have the skills, equipment, and dedication to stream every day but you are not going to reach anywhere if you don’t communicate with your subscribers. People are not just there to see a random guy play video games. They want to interact with whom they are watching as they want to know more about you. So if you just focus on the gaming part people will lose interest after a while and watch someone else’s live stream. Keep reading and replying to the comments of subscribers every now and then. Give shoutouts to people who donate money. Hold Q&A sessions and interact with them on social media platforms. Don’t be rude or verbally abusive if you don’t like some of the comments as it would only make you look bad and arrogant. Be patient and learn not to take things to the heart. Just keep it fun.

Stream trending games

No one wants to see a guy playing video games that no one knows about. If you want people to see the live streams you have to stream games that are popular and trending. This is because not everyone has seen the gameplay of those video games. Moreover, your subscribers would want to see you playing newly released games. Try to immediately buy video games that are much awaited so that you will have more people watching your live streams. People like to see you playing those games as they cannot afford to buy every video game that enters the market. If you don’t know which game to stream next ask for suggestions. You will definitely find a lot of suggestions in the comments section. Select the most requested game and stream that one. 

Collaborate with other streamers

This is one of the best strategies to increase your subscribers if your channel is new. Be a part of other streamers live streams and get them to be a part of your streams. This is beneficial for everyone as both you and they will get new subscribers. Collaborating with other streamers will expose you to an audience that didn’t know you before. It will help them know about you, your channel, and the type of content you create. If they like you they will definitely subscribe to your channel.

Upload highlights on YouTube

This is another great way of promoting your gaming channel. Take bits of your live streams and create videos showcasing the highlights. Include parts that are funny and portions of gameplay where you played incredibly well. But keep in mind that highlights are not just the portions you do well, you should also add some portions where you made silly mistakes and blunders that are absolutely fun. This will make you more relatable to the audience and let them know that you have a good sense of humour. Highlights will also help them know what they have missed making them watch your next live stream.


The video game industry is at its pinnacle and it is only going to reach new heights. Today the gaming industry generates more revenue than music and music combined. There are more professional gamers in the current time than ever before. Unlike the previous generations of gamers, this generation has a chance to make a living out playing video games. Platforms like Twitch and YouTube have been helping gamers earn money from playing video games.

If you are a gamer you can make money by streaming. Just follow the above tips and be persistent, you will definitely be a successful streamer.