Innovative, Modern Ways To Plan Your Wedding 

Planning your wedding can be an overwhelming and stressful experience. You have to decide what type of wedding you want, who you want there, where you want your wedding to be, the entertainment situation, and countless other details. But now it’s 2023, and it’s about time to use some modern tools to make the process easier and more exciting for you and your spouse-to-be. 

While you might not feel the need to use a wedding mood board app to hammer out the specifics of your celebration, it can be a fun and innovative tool to measure how you’re feeling or which way you’re leaning. Apps in general are emerging as an exciting new way to organize your life, considering we’re always on our phones anyway. 

But they aren’t the only way to use modern technology to design your dream wedding. Admittedly, this isn’t for everyone. Certain audiences, such as older individuals that are getting married, might see these methods as more stressful things to add to the list of wedding planning. But this blog aims to spark ideas about changing an innately stressful process into something that is not only convenient but fun. 

Why Is Wedding Planning Historically Stressful?

When you have to plan something as important as your wedding, it can be scary to imagine your celebration not living up to your expectations or lifelong dreams. 

This causes couples, their families, and wedding planners to work around the clock to make sure every single detail is exactly perfect. Massive wedding guest lists, elaborate locations, destination weddings, and other grandeur ideas only add to the stress. 

Plus, societal expectations often plague people with comparison. Because of social media, everyone’s wedding is on display. There’s a professional photographer, a photo booth, a massive club-like atmosphere, the best clothes in the industry, and even more in your Instagram stories that could convince you your wedding is inferior to theirs. 

Always remember: it is your wedding. No one else’s. Do exactly what you want in your wedding planning process and don’t let your friend’s wedding determine what yours will look like. 

How Long Does It Take To Plan A Wedding? 

Experts at Brides cited that the general consensus among couples is that one year is enough time to successfully plan a wedding. While this certainly depends on what kind of wedding a couple wants and how extravagant they want it to be, it can be used as an average figure. But it doesn’t have to take that long, and it doesn’t have to be an innately stressful experience. 

It all depends on how much time you’re willing to spend working through the details. If you want your stress levels to go down, maybe scale down your wedding so your planning process is less overwhelming. 

How Can I Make My Wedding Planning Less Complicated?

There are several ways to simplify your wedding planning in a way that relieves stress and allows you to get excited about the event. From modern entertainment companies that provide DJs or a live jazz band for wedding ceremonies, to simply scaling down your celebration to avoid excess stress, here are ways to take the edge off the process: 

  1. Hire a wedding planner: This one is obvious, but it is the easier solution for reducing your own levels of stress and handing the reins to an experienced professional. They’ll do most of the heavy lifting and consult you about important details and decisions, like who sits at the family table or which speeches will be given. 
  1. Go digital: Migrating your wedding data, such as your guest list, entertainment options, food and drink details, stationary design, and more, to a digital platform will make your life much easier. Virtual tools allow you to color-code your information, check it off in a pleasant way, and will keep everything organized in one convenient location. 
  1. Combine your wedding and reception locations: Rather than having to plan for two separate events, loop your wedding and reception into the same location. This will help the planning process immensely, allow for smoother transitions and transportation, and allow you to focus on more important details. 
  1. Shorten the timeline of the event: Your wedding doesn’t have to last forever. Skip the formality and scale down if it will improve your stress. No rule exists that says your night has to last a certain amount of time. Let your timeline work for you and your budget, and don’t let your wedding stress you out by planning every small detail.
  1. Forget all the fluff: Obviously, you should have your wedding in the exact way you imagined it. However, you don’t need everything you see other weddings having. Extra details that you feel the need to have but don’t necessarily need can be cut out. This will save you stress in the long run and allow you to relax and enjoy your big day. 

Conclusion – Try Something New 

Sometimes, simply trying something new can provide you with a new perspective on something. When you begin to take on the challenge of planning your wedding, try mixing it up. Download an organization app and upload your wedding details to it. Sort them in a visually-appealing way to make the process more fun for yourself. Color-coordinate your guest list, entertainment options, location ideas, and more. 

Create a mood board. It could help you determine how you’re feeling about the pros and cons of planning a certain type of wedding. Create a visual web of ideas that you can collaborate with others to share thoughts and have productive conversations. 

When in doubt, allocate your time wisely and consider hiring an expert. Modern wedding DJs can often serve as the MC of your wedding night, making important announcements and helping with transitions throughout the ceremony. Wedding planners are seasoned professionals that can take the stress off your shoulders and allow you to enjoy anticipating the best night of your life. 

Thinking outside the box can go a long way in reducing stress and shifting perspectives. Innovative technologies like apps and online tools can make your planning more efficient and exciting. This isn’t your parent’s wedding; use the tools of 2023 to plan your wedding and take pressure off the process.