Investing Outside of Stocks and Bonds

Investing is all about creating a knowledge base that can be leveraged for greater access and gains within the marketplace as a whole. The more you learn, the greater your investment potential becomes. Some investors might balk at the idea that reading and knowledge acquisition lies at the heart of increased wealth. Still, there has got to be a reason why all of the most successful investors in the United States and abroad all spend so much of their time reading and analyzing the market and a million other factors. The truth is, financial health and, therefore, the profitability of companies and commodities rely on a networked web of interconnections that span multiple formats and realms. Professionals across industries, and those spanning multiple sectors, like Prabir Purohit, know the importance of uncovering this matrix of overlapping market-moving factors, and so should you.

The more you learn, the better able to identify these minute connections you will become. But with this knowledge comes the realization that growing wealth exists beyond the traditional savings vehicles of stocks and bonds. In fact, many investors leave these commodities behind altogether in favor of better returns on investment through other means.

Begin with stocks.

The stock market offers retail investors an incredible investment opportunity – to say otherwise would be a falsehood. This is why accredited investors often stick with the stock market as their main investment project and add additional alternative investments to their portfolios to increase returns beyond the security offered by stocks alone. The stock market holds access to several important asset classes, and sellers are always available, so buying and selling stock market commodities happens every second of the trading day. In the modern age of technology-enhanced trading, many investment platforms allow access to these investment opportunities with functionally no minimum investment – just a dollar in many instances. Investment platforms like Robinhood have transformed the way retail investors interact with the market. Still, they are limited with a near-complete lack of research essential to helping investors reach their full potential and progress beyond simplistic trading habits and patterns.

Once you have learned all that the stock market offers, it’s often a good idea to advance into other investment opportunities that can create greater returns on your investment. Unlike bonds, the stock market offers a unique training platform for those new to investing and provides the perfect launchpad into these alternative investment opportunities. Doing your due diligence quickly becomes a necessity when trading on the stock market. No matter where you act as a buyer, your platform will offer at least cursory data relating to the companies’ business practices that you choose to bring into your portfolio as investment opportunities. This means that routine rebalancing practices, asset allocation, and coverage across sectors are something that stock market traders internalize in a hurry. Combing through your investment options becomes almost a habit for even the most novice among stock traders, and they begin to look elsewhere for additional opportunities to grow their wealth.

Real Estate

Many investors turn to real estate as the next stream of income from investment opportunities. Many enter this field with the REIT asset class’s help within the stock market itself and later buy up physical properties to complete the shift. Others choose to change over to an alternative investing platform like Yieldstreet to take advantage of funds that include real estate holdings. Many skeptical investors ask, ‘is Yieldstreet legit?’ when they see claims of low correlation with stocks and high-interest payments that reduce management fees to a pittance.

Trading real property has always held a special place for investors. The tangible objects can be leveraged as collateral for other investment purchases or squeezed for rental income each month that can really add up for an owner who keeps a property in their portfolio for many years. No matter how you choose to slice a real estate purchase, the property market will always hold tremendous value for those looking to create and protect their wealth in the long term.

Utilize the latest technology to supercharge your portfolio.

Many investors are landing upon totally new investment opportunities that offer a unique potential return. Many investors are looking to buy IP addresses as the stock of IPv4 addresses begins to deplete worldwide to understand the investment opportunity offered by IP locations as a whole, and IPv4 addresses in particular. The internet’s infrastructure is based on a location gradient that places the name and actual digital location of a device within the same parameters’ confines. This is its IP address. Therefore a website’s true, ‘legal,’ name is its IP number, as is its actual location on the network. The name that you type into your browser functions as a nickname of sorts. Alternative investing advocates are salivating over the opportunity that IP addresses project for the future. With the shift to IPv6 in addition to and concurrent with IPv4 as the primary allocation protocol for devices and web pages, IPv4 addresses offer a unique value to those looking to move digital real estate to create wealth within their portfolio. The opportunity is intriguing and will certainly bear fruit in the coming years as the IPv4 availability continues to become scarcer.

Investors are also interested in the cryptocurrency revolution as a viable alternative investing strategy. Cryptocurrencies began with the Bitcoin proof of concept more than a decade ago and have exploded since. Because of the enormous market for these offerings, the price of many crypto coins has grown at an alarming rate. They offer unique volatility that can provide a trader with rock-solid fundamentals the ability to create enormous wealth on the swings. The originator of Bitcoin thought of the commodity as a deregulated, community-based project, but what it has become is a major bank account booster for those with an eye for the fundamentals in this unique marketplace.

Investing in alternative asset classes is essential to creating lasting wealth. Branch out from the market and the minimal returns offered by bonds to create true growth.