Is It Still Worth Buying An MP3 Player?

Once upon a time, the entire world owned an mp3 player. It was trendy, stylish, and increased the business of portable music. But then suddenly, the world of music was dominated by the invasion of smartphones and replaced the media players.

Although mp3 players are still a thing, is it still worth buying one? 

In this post, we will weigh the pros and cons of using an mp3 player, and help you decide the same.

But before we delve deeper into the subject, let’s shed some light on the History Of MP3 Players.

The first mp3 player, “MPMan,” was launched in 1997. And in the year 1999, portable mp3 players made their debut.

It was not until 2001 that Apple launched its iPod to dominate the world of portable music. The launch of several iPods down the line increased the popularity of these devices to such an extent that everyone considered owning them a privilege.

In fact, in the early 21st century, mp3 players brought a revolution in the music industry. Since people didn’t have to record a tape to play songs on their walkman or haul a piece of hardware along with their music collection, the easy availability of mp3 players changed the way people enjoyed the music.

But as we know, technological advancement is an ever-evolving process. MP3 players ruled only for a short period just before smartphones overtook the market.

Since smartphones were readily available, affordable, and did much more than just play music, their sales shot up and rendered mp3 players useless.

The Benefits Of Using An MP3 Player

Apart from freeing more space for other tasks on your smartphone, mp3 players offer numerous benefits.

Simpler Technology Means Easy Use And More Popularity

If I ask you why you need your smartphone, you will probably give me a list of multiple reasons why these devices are a necessity. Isn’t that true? 

This means if these devices are so much in demand for their functionality and snob effect, smartphone companies cannot make drastic design changes instantly. When adding new features to the devices, designers have to anticipate every move and study the users’ behavior in detail.

For example, let’s say the users prefer x to be the appropriate screen size for an excellent gaming experience. Software developers and designers make sure that their game is compatible with the size-ratio of different smartphones. And if you stream that game on a non-standard size screen, you will encounter clipping issues.

Because of such limitations, smartphone makers hesitate in taking risky decisions. On the other hand, with mp3 players, screen size is not an issue. They are specialized devices that aren’t bulky and easy to use.

And when talking about wearable mp3 players, they are a great option for people who love exercising and working out.

They Have Amazing Battery Backup

There’s no denying the fact that with so many apps constantly running in the background, the battery backup of smartphones is a huge concern. 

Even if you own a device with the best battery backup, listening to music 24*7 will drain it pretty quickly. So for those who want to reduce the time chargers are being tagged to their smartphones, using an mp3 player for music could increase the smartphone’s battery life.

The Limitations Of Using An MP3 Player

In the end, it all boils down to convenience. 

You Have To Buy Another Device 

Even if you own an mp3 player, it cannot keep you connected with the world. You cannot call or text via an mp3 player. That’s where the dire need for smartphones comes into play. 

Smartphones bring the entire world to our pocket. They provide you access to various services except connecting you with people across the globe.

Smartphones Have Streaming Services. And That’s Better

If you have used an mp3 player, you’d know how taxing it is to constantly update your device to new music releases or transfer the songs manually. But that’s not the case with smartphones.

You can subscribe to online streaming services like Youtube & Spotify, and get access to any music at any time.

Final Words

For those who don’t have a special requirement to play local music, buying an mp3 player is not a good idea. The benefits of owning a smartphone supersede that of an mp3 player. But then again, it depends on your use case scenario.

If you own an mp3 player that’s spending jail time in your drawer, you can sell it online to a buyback electronic company and make quick cash for it. Simply type “sell my mp3” on the web and get in touch with a reputable dealer.

Hopefully, this was helpful.