Know about the Business Year books

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With all the talk about tablets and e-book readers these days, you can be forgiven if you believe physical books that you can place on a table or on your lap are passée.

But that would be wrong. When technology intersects with the printed word and vivid images, you end up with one of the hottest things going these days, photo books. And they’re not just for little old ladies who are into scrapbooking or hyperactive kids who need something to burn off excess energy. They’re for businesses — and the potential applications of photo books are numerous.

The photo book marketplace is crowded with various players fighting for market share, but there are a few players that stand out. One of them is Factors such as product diversification, ease of use, convenience and customer service are key differentiators.

Here’s a look at some photobook applications that can benefit even for the most tech-savvy companies.

Business Yearbooks

Does your business have a yearbook? The “About Us” section on the company webpage won’t cut it. Business yearbooks are important because they showcase the people, events, and accomplishments that tell your corporate story in a way that builds employee morale. As well, business yearbooks represent permanent keepsakes that employees can take with them.

Project Completion

Another suitable use for a photo book is to mark the successful completion of projects. Whether your company landed its biggest-ever client, your computer programming department finished a massive project ahead of schedule and on a budget or some other achievement, it’s a good idea to recognize accomplishments. A photo book can showcase those who played a role in the project and detail the roadmap used to achieve the desired deliverable.

Business Development

Another way you can make good use of a photo book in this advanced digital age is to focus on a business development theme. You can tell your company’s story by focusing on its mission, its workers and its accomplishments. A photo book focused on business development could be the sort of thing your company uses as a promotional tool. They can be given to customers and prospective customers, for example.


While many people are content to look at their smartphones, tablets or PCs to keep track of their schedules, others love a nice printed calendar. There’s nothing quite like a well-produced calendar to hang on your wall. And going the photo book route can get you custom photo calendars. You can plan, design and list your own important dates on the calendar. So you can include quarterly meetings, employee birthdays and other things that make for a personalized business calendar.

And there’s More…Get Your Business Photo Books Customized

When you order a photo book from, you can choose the book shape, the book size, the paper type, the style and more. You can order online, customize online and get support online or by phone. So if your business is interested in the benefits that photo books offer, be sure to check out for a look at how photo books can work for your business.