My Devices Seems To Slow Down: Can It Be Malware?

cyber attack

If you use a smartphone or computer, you are surely aware of what malware is. However, for those who don’t know, malware is a program developed by a criminal organization or by an individual to steal the data loaded in your system. Indeed, it sounds scary, which is why protection against a malware attack is crucial in the current times.

However, malware doesn’t get its way in your device by knocking on the door. There are various programs, APIs, apps, and websites that carry malicious code, targeted to infect a visiting device. Additionally, there are certain less visible things that malware can do. These can include capturing inputs, getting information from existing contact lists, location share, and much more. However, it’s challenging to detect a malware attack. While slowing down of your device is undoubtedly a sign, there are other signs of being careful of.

Pop ads coming up everywhere

As known, the various adware programs bombard their victims with ads everywhere. These ads can be of different types; however, mostly, these ads are about products that get the affiliate marketer the required amount of money. However, in many cases, these ads contain malicious code, which is targeted to infect host devices.

Mysterious social media posts

If you find strange social media posts being made on your Facebook or Instagram wall, then in all probability, you have fallen victim to a malware attack. There is certain malware that is targeted towards Facebook and other social media handles. Their primary target is to create fake posts.

These posts tend to include an inflammatory statement like “Are You Drunk?” Many a time, such questions are accompanied by certain pictures. Obviously, such a question raises curiosity, and when people open these links, they get malware in their system.

Reduced Mobile Performance

There are particular viruses that work to make use of phone power. Most smartphones that we use currently have refined processing power and massive storage. This makes it easy for the devices to change tabs and multi-task quite quickly. The devices are so developed that it’s ideal for heavy use.

But only gamers and multi-taskers require the complete power of the devices to function. Most people do not need so much, and thus the devices don’t slow down. However, if you do notice that your device has slowed down even if you are not using the device too much, then it can be a sign of a malware attack.

All system tools disabled

Many a time, smart device users launch a Task Manager to check out the presence of any malware in the device. However, while using these tools, if one finds a message saying that the system has been disabled by the administrator, then it’s highly likely that you have a malware gnawing at your system.

So, in addition to speed reduction, take a look at all these signs. Keep your system well protected and stay away from websites and apps that look suspicious. Additionally, make use of a free malware protection tool to be safe.