Which one is more secure Windows in 2019?

As the new version of Microsoft Windows release, the more secure Windows for the users to protect their data. There’s a substantially lowered risk of downloading harmful software in latest versions because the applications for the users are either designed or approved by Microsoft. During the era of Windows Vista, it was considered the powerful version in the series of Windows version. But as time passes Windows 7 released on July 22, 2009, and it becomes more secure Windows than Vista. People were looking for a more secure platform, at a time Windows 8 was released on August 1, 2012. It was considered more secure Windows version in 2019 than Window 7.

Windows users liked Windows 8 features too much. It’s security, themes, features, Windows Store has impressed the users and people are getting their attentions towards this. Windows 10 was released on July 29, 2015. In Windows 10, all the features of Windows 10 like its Microsoft Edge Finally Replaces Internet Explorer, Cortana Makes the Start Menu Even Smarter etc. Different Antivirus software for Windows is for the users to provide the Windows form harmful malware files.

How Windows 10 is more secure Windows?

Microsoft has created antimalware scan interface (AMSI) devices that can get malignant scripts in memory.

“AMSI is a major stride toward blocking script-based assaults in Windows,”

Microsoft included two diversion changing security highlights for big business clients in Windows 10, however, as of not long ago, the organization has been generally close-lipped regarding them.

  • Device Guard and Credential Guard are the two standout security features of Windows 10.
  • Windows 10 put Biometric Security i: e Face Recognition and fingerprints.
  • Of course, Biometrics is a key factor in the creation of next generation Windows system for secures the data.


more secure windows

Windows 7 Vs Window 8 Vs Windows 10? Which are more secure Windows?


Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 10
Lack of Windows store and playing a game performance Have a store and better performance than Windows 7 Having a strong Microsoft store and Gaming performance is much better than another system.
Microsoft Security Essentials is helpful to secure data, Windows 8 has an Integrated Antivirus Like Win 8, Windows 10 also has an Integrated Antivirus
In Windows 7, antivirus software can’t start earlier. In Windows 8, antivirus software can start earlier in the boot-up process to scan the system’s drivers for malware. In Windows 10, antivirus software starts with the kernel in a very starting process to scan system as it is more secure Windows.
Browsers Security is better. Internet Explorer has a better experience for users as a security level. Microsoft Edge Finally Replaces Internet Explorer with better performance.

What have we concluded?

We have mentioned above the security level of almost all the Windows that which one is more secure Windows. We reached the result that as the Microsoft releases his versions of Windows in 2019; it is also increasing the level of security. In Windows 10, Microsoft has truly inspired the hackers about the security. Windows 10 is the most secure Windows in 2019 ever, because of those new components. We are expecting in future for more secure Windows by Microsoft.