PR Distribution: Top 10 Services in 2019

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Every brand wants to have a wide exposure of their business. And PR distribution services can help in achieving this goal if you know how to write a good press release.

First, let’ you have to consider important factors when searching for a distribution service. You have to weigh the pros and cons of each service to get the most of your investment. Not only that, you need to identify which one will help you reach your goals.

In this post, we’ll look at the top 10 services providing releases distribution that can help you if you’re planning to distribute content. Newswire services will help you get your story in front of your audience across different channels.

  1. PR Web

It is one of the most affordable PR companies perfect for startups and small companies. They offer customized packages that suit every size of the company. The low-cost online reach approach is ideal for small companies.

You can choose the channels you want to reach. It provides the business a wider reach across various search engines, including Google, Yahoo and Bing. Since it is search engine optimized, your content will rank on the search results.

The Cision PR Web wire company has a wide online syndication network of 30,000 reporters and bloggers. It is also known for distributing content on targeted industry-specific reporters and the company’s social media networks. They can publish releases within 24 hours.

The service is known for providing different release packages of online news distribution that can improve a company’s search, reach, traffic and visibility in the internet. Moreover, it provides analytics that track the reach and impact of releases.

  1. PR Newswire

The popular distribution company is known in offering user-friendly services in marketing and public relations. It has existing offices in 18 countries, 4, 000 websites, over 550 news content systems and almost 3,000 media publications.

It asks members to pay annual fee. Clients need to pay more than the regular package if they want an extensive coverage.

2. Marketwired

Marketwired was founded in 1983. It revolutionized the newswire industry by offering real-time distribution in the 1990’s. They pioneered features that enable clients to post their content on their social media channels.

Clients looking for monitoring the success of their campaigns can find the feature with the service. It provides analytic reports to give their clients an update of the campaign’s results.

3. Newswire

Newswire is amongst the top press release distribution services to date. When syndicated, your news are sent to two distribution networks instead of one. It sends your story not only to their network of publishers, but also to PR Newswire.

PR Newswire is an award-winning, biggest, oldest and trusted distribution across the globe.  If you’re using the PR service, your story is exposed to 4, 500 site distribution network and more than 1.7 million journalists who may have an interest in your story.

It offers targeted distribution where their clients can choose which industry, location, region or news corporation they want to syndicate their news. When it comes to monitoring of campaign, it offers clients the ability to monitor their click through rates and open rates.

Its very important to assess the performance of each campaign. The service understands how valuable it is to measure the return-on-investment (ROI).

Tracking where the readers or audiences come from is not an issue. It tracks which content resonates to your audience, and where the audience is coming from. To know where your story is published and other important details about your releases, it provides the report that will inform you about it.

4. Business Wire

Business Wire, a Berkshire Hathaway service is known for its distribution of releases and regulatory disclosure. It is popular investor-related business release service that assists their clients with different multimedia tactics, analytical algorithms and newsrooms.

It sends news through Business Wire’s patented NX network that reaches more than 89,000 publications in 162 countries. With wide distribution, it includes 193 industries and trade categories, or a global circuit that caters to over 20 languages.

The service offers free distribution and gives their clients the freedom to choose their schedules media delivery. It permits their clients to customize their content and add different visual elements.

It is perfect for B2B companies and less recommended for small companies. News can be syndicated in digital, individual reporters and editors, print and broadcast newsrooms, consumers, financial and news portals, news syndicators, bloggers, websites, social media networks and more.

5. Presswire

Presswire is a known public relations specialist that provides marketing solutions. It serves all types of businesses that need release distribution, media monitoring and media contacts managing.

It has a vast network of about 850, 000 media that assists their clients in gaining exposure across different targets. The service offers comprehensive tracking reports in order to inform their clients the standing of their campaigns, including where the traffic is coming from, who reads your content, which content resonates to the audience and more.

The newswire service provides prompt syndication. It publishes content in an hour. is a dynamic distribution newswire company that is popular for its wide array of services. Clients don’t need to be a member to access the site’s media database.

Clients can post their brand profile to boost their visibility online. It offers distribution of releases that reach reporters, customers, sites, social media and other locations. Clients can promote their business through a directory of businesses.

7.24-7 Press Release

Although a bit new in press release distribution industry, it has helped a lot of businesses searching for affordable distribution services. It syndicates news across different channels and media.

I helps businesses in boosting visibility, improving their social media presence and building brand awareness. To date, it has distributed almost half a million releases.

Their packages range from $19 per release simple post to $389 per release with mass media visibility. If you are a small business or a medium size business, it is the right platform for you.

8.PR Leap

PR leap is a modern choice for businesses with its new features. The service provides a press release template that is easy and simple to use. The template automatically formats the release to optimize it for different devices.

The design promotes better user experience. It converts your multimedia into bigger images and high definition videos.

It has connection with networks of publications, sites and other locations that syndicate your news. Social media sharing is also one of their features. It incorporates social plugins that will encourage people to share your content and engage.

There are social media sharing buttons where people can share your news on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and other channels. If you’re worried about search engine optimization (SEO), the service takes care of it.

It ensures that your releases are indexed and searchable in the internet. It checks that you have proper links with anchor text, Google News keyword Metatag and Facebook Open Graph Support for optimization.

The service provides publicity report that tracks the success of campaigns. It monitors data including: views, Twitter tweets, Facebook likes and shares, search visibility and syndication clipping report.

9. GlobeNewswire

GlobeNewswire is a distribution service known for its financial disclosures and multimedia presentations. It is popular for their feature Media Snippets that highlights multimedia content.

The service believes in the power of multimedia. They encourage their clients to embed images, video, infographics and other multimedia assets. The embeddable multimedia can be easily used by reporters in their own sites.

Aside from that, they have built-in social media sharing buttons that increase the exposure of your content in the internet. You can track where your multimedia snippets through a detailed analytics.


When choosing a distribution service, it’s important that you consider some factors, including the search platform, experience of the service and the cost of packages.

It’s important that your news is indexed in different search platforms and not only Google News. It ensures that your news is seen in the internet and access by a lot of people.

Choose a service that has a long experience in distributing releases. They should have experience and proven track of record to show that they know what they are doing, and they are expert in their own field.

When searching for a service, ask them for feedback or reviews from their present and previous clients. Don’t just deal with any service, without knowing how they are performing. Check their success rates.

Lastly, you need to check the cost of the packages. You don’t want to spend too much beyond your budget. Check the one that provides multiple packages.

The packages should fit your budget as well as your business needs. Before you make your decision, make sure that you are going to reach relevant reporters, influencers and publications.

It’s not bad to try each distribution service to know which one works best. It will give you a good background when making decisions.

Check what type of company suits you. Some are good for B2B companies, while other are for startups and small companies. Based on your business, you should know what newswire company will be good for you.