Recruiting Right Person for the Right Job


Human resource department is the department in the organization that manages and controls the man force of the organization. The employees are also regarded as the asset of the company. Without this asset no work can be performed. Employees if working properly can bring many profits to the company. If the man force of the company is not good, there are less chances of profit and more chances of losses. It is a very big task to manage the employees of organization. Human resource department keeps the check that the employees are getting proper salaries. There are proper working conditions for employees to work. Training and development is provided to them as and when required. Hiring and recruitment of new employees is also there. Employees are motivated through financial and nonfinancial incentives. In a nut shell human resource department has various functions regarding the man force of the organization. But Human resource department’s major function is to recruit a person by conducting tests like attention to detail tests and cognitive assessment tests. Recruitment is the process to finding the right person for the job vacancy. Its objective is to find out right person, for the right job and at the right time. This process includes the various steps. These are as follows:

  • Step1: Analyze the requirement of job
  • Step2: Attract the applicants for the job
  • Step3: Screening and selecting candidates.
  • Step4: Hiring and integrating the new hired employee in the organization.

Recruitment can through different way. These are Internal Recruitment and External Recruitment. Internal Recruitment means to fill the vacancy from the current employees, who are working in the organization. Examples are:

  • Promotion: Giving the current employee, a higher position with better salary and grade.
  • Transfer: Shifting the current employee to some other branch with same grade and same salary.
  • Previous Applications: Recruiting someone from the previous applied candidates.

 Another way of recruitment is External Recruitment. In this the candidates are selected from outside sources. Examples are:

  • Campus placements: In this the new employees are hired from universities or any other educational institutes.
  • Employment exchange: In this organizations give list of job vacancies to the employment exchange. Further employment exchange gives the list of applicants to the organization who are eligible for job vacancy.
  • Advertisement: Giving advertisement about the job vacancy in the newspaper or through any other media.
  • Labor Contractors: In this the workers are hired from labor contractors.

This process becomes complicated in big companies. So they need some other techniques to maintain all records regarding vacancies, the job requirement etc. The new technique used by the companies is recruitment management software.

Recruitment Management Software is the software that help the organizations simplify the hiring process. From analyzing the vacancies, attracting people for the job, their screening, everything is done by this software. This software is specifically designed for recruiting that gives priority to both candidate and recruiter experience. There are different categories of Recruiting Software. These are as follows:

  • Sourcing: In this the software helps recruiter to finds and attracts the candidates. It can help to let recruiter know that the recruit can done through internal or external sources.
  • Engagement: This software becomes an interpreter between recruiter and candidates. It keeps the candidates update about the process of hiring. Where they have to come for screening, date and time, all information is given to the candidates.
  • Selection: The software helps to speed up the selection process. As it choose the qualified candidates from the lot of applicants. This software has also the feature of artificial intelligence screening and assessment evaluation. These feature simplifies the work of human resource department
  • Hiring: Some organizations actually use the software for hiring purpose only. It manages this actual steps for which we have to do all the above given steps first. It becomes the bridge between the candidate and recruiter.

There are many benefits of this Recruitment management software. These are stated as follows:

  • Improves the recruiter’s productivity: By using the traditional methods of recruitment causes complications. By using this software there can be less use of paper. This software connects the users and applicants with the phone devices. It can enhance the recruiter’s productivity.
  • Improves Social Reach: Using the software you can connect with many social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc., this has improved the social reach. Even the candidates from far places can apply for the job through media sites.
  • Saves Time: Using this Software saves a lot of time. Work like filling blank application forms consumes a lot of time. With the help of this software all these form filling are done in computers.
  • Improves communication: it improves communication between recruiter and candidates. As the candidates are updated with information.
  • Provides automation to Recruiting Process: With the help of the software, it has made the recruiting process automatic. The software automatically updates the job vacancies in the organization. And this vacancy advertisement starts reflecting on the media sites, with whom the tie up is done.
  • Better Candidates are selected: Using this software helps you to find out the most deserving candidate from the pool of the applicants.

If there are advantages of something on the same hand there will be some limitations to it. These are as follows:

  • There are some chances of inaccuracy. Like there are chances that the software rejects the applicants resume for some invalid reasons, such as scanner is not able to read the resume properly. So there are chances to lose a good candidate for the job.
  • Sometimes the system limits the candidate’s information. Not every candidate has a perfect keyword for their profiles
  • Even there are chances of the fake people to apply for the job, with their fake information.

Though the recruitment management software has made the work of management very easy, fast and more reliable. But there are some loopholes in it as well. Recruitment is very important function of the human resource department. They have to select the best and most eligible candidate for the job as this process leads to better future of the company. If the recruitment is done properly, there will be proper work done by the employees with full responsibility. And if is not done properly, it can ruin the company’s reputation.

So choose the best from the lot wisely.