Reserve Your Seat with Industry-leading apps

With the popularity of blockbusters on the rise, the need to get your tickets before they sell out has grown. No longer is it possible to go straight to the box office the night of the premier and purchase a seat for most movies. Some movie premiers might even require you to reserve your seat a couple of months in advance. As the rise of the necessity for purchasing tickets beforehand continues to grow, so does the need for a platform for the transactions to occur.

There are already some giants in the industry of movie ticket booking apps, but the market is still fresh and has room for more. Plus, following in the footsteps of giants is never bad as they’ve paved the way to success. Apps like Fandango or Atom movie have found how to create a successful movie ticket app but now is your chance to capitalize on this new industry and create a giant of your own. Before you begin looking for someone to help build your app, there are a few factors you’ll want to consider first.

Industry-leading apps to model after

Following the success of those who came before you is the best way to achieve success. These three companies have discovered what it takes to succeed in this industry and it’s up to you to follow their features and make them your own. Create a product based on what worked for them, with your own revolutionary ideas!

  • Fandango – This is the number one movie ticket app in the world. They offer users the ability to view the movie trailer, check the scores on Rotten Tomatoes, and create a list of their favorites. Fandango makes an effort to cater their service to what the user wants and needs.
  • Atom movie – This app takes the movie experience one step further and allows you to order from the movie concession stand straight from the app. You can purchase your tickets and your food from one simple location.
  • Ticketmaster – This app is one of the oldest ticket purchasing companies available – founded in 1976. This company isn’t solely focused on movie tickets and tends to act more like an event booker in general. Concerts, movies, and events all are available and promoted here.

Features of a great movie ticket app

The number one focus of your movie ticket app should be the ability to purchase tickets. If this feature isn’t properly implemented, then you are leaving yourself with an app that doesn’t accomplish its main goal. You’ll want the ability to purchase tickets quickly and simply for all types of users. Searching based on the venue, location, movie genre, etc. is a great way to keep the user interaction clean and understandable. Searching for something that doesn’t show up immediately is always frustrating.

Keeping information saved is always useful – if the user has a specific theater they frequent, your app should be able to save that information for easier login time on future purchases. It also helps to have access to movie information and reviews – that way people know the movie they’re selecting is the one they want to see.