Save All Passwords In One Place Using Sticky Password [Best]

Save All Passwords In One Place

Save All Passwords In One Place:

We are going to see the problems we face while trying to Save All Passwords In One Place in browsers and other online tools. The reason behind why you should not leave your passwords to browsers are discussed.

  • Anyone who uses your computer has access to them
  • Passwords stored in Browsers are less secure
  • Password only work for that specific browser what if you change browser.
  • Browser doesn’t guide and generate strong passwords for you.
  • Security Issues
  • Save All Passwords In One Place doesn’t fit when browser changes

To overcome these problems we are using a product called Sticky Password.

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Only One Password to Remember:

  • It Manages all your passwords and personal data and other files.
  • Automatically fills in forms for you when you need.
  • Generate strong passwords for your accounts.
  • Stores credit card numbers for you
  • AES‑256 encryption is used for security
  • Your Data never leaves your device if there is no wifi.
  • Password is one which is only you know
  • Full control of your passwords.
  • Database lockup.

Platforms Supported:

  • Portable Version in form of USB.
  • Works on your PC, Mac, Android / iOS tablets and smartphones(all devices).
  • Superb Browser Support
  • Synchronization via wifi/Cloud
  • Offline Synchronization


  • There is always a cloud backup of your database is available in case if something goes wrong.
  • Cloud Backup servers save all previous version of your data.

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  • Support fingerprint scanner on just one swap. Available on devices which equipped with a fingerprint scanner.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). When activated, you’ll be prompted to enter unique security Code.

Which package to Choose you confused. Here is a comparison of Free/Premium Version.

Save All Passwords In One Place


So, if you are looking for a reliable password manager who can Save All Passwords In One Place. Then you are at right place just you can download the free version for checking and also can buy premium service.

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