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Have you ever made a PowerPoint presentation? Sorry, wrong question.

How often do you make a presentation? That’s what we actually need to ask ourselves.

Be it for school or meeting at your workplace, a PowerPoint presentation is a must to convey your ideas to your peers or higher-ups. Powerpoint presentation allows you to convey your ideas effortlessly and effectively. Even if all the parties in the room have no idea about your topic, they can clearly understand it and become familiar enough with it to leave comments at the end. The sole purpose of a PPT is to communicate the ideas effectively and make them interesting. 

Whenever you’re giving a presentation or addressing people then it is quite hard for you to grab the attention of the audience for a long time. If you’re simply reading out all the important facts and figures, people are bound to get bored. However, including a PPT in a meeting or classroom has broadened the view, and more people will take more interest in the message you’re trying to convey. And the best thing is that the message is communicated effectively without any hiccups. Frankly, everybody prefers to look at a book with pictures more than a book without them. Don’t you agree?

This brings us to the question, is creating a PPT simple and easy? No, not at all, although the interface that most people use is Microsoft, which is quite simple to use. But there is a lot of skill, time, and effort that goes into preparing a presentation. First, you must gather all the information related to the topic of the presentation. Once you have all the data then you must work on creating slides. 

From the graphs to diagrams you have to insert each and every detail by yourself. In short, you have to create each slide from scratch. Lots of effort and time go into making one powerful presentation. However, if you’re someone who is always dealing with deadlines has to handle too many things once then it can be quite hard for you to create a perfect presentation. 

What if there is a way to reduce your work and help you in creating PPTs without breaking a sweat. Yup!! You heard it right with SlideModel you can create impactful presentations without spending too much time and effort. 

SlideModel is a platform that provides you with PowerPoint templates, all you have to do is select a template that is in line with your presentation topic and customize it, you can change colors, font and insert all the information needed. There you go, you have your presentation. Effortless, right? A good PPT should be interesting, engaging, and easy-to-understand. The point of adding a presentation to a meeting or class is to grab the audience’s attention. What is the point of creating a presentation that doesn’t serve the purpose? So if your presentation is not engaging, halfway through it you will lose your audience. And not everyone is tech-savvy to understand how to create a presentation.

Also, with the simple features of PowerPoint, you can only create a basic PPT, and if you frequently use the platform, there will be nothing new or unique about your presentations. Same old background, figures, graphs, and diagrams. However, with SlideModel you can avoid that, it has more than 20,000+ templates for you to choose from and they serve a wide range of topics, industries, and situations. All these templates are designed by professionals. You can now create unique presentations without worrying about deadlines. 

What does SlideModel offer?

The templates of this platform are designed by the professionals. They consist of well-designed images, shapes, and diagrams that can brighten up your presentation. Save your time and create professional-level presentation hassle-free. 

Business templates

An amazing, impactful presentation will take for itself. It will grab attention and communicate the message effectively, especially a business message. The SlideModel templates are intuitive and engaging, so they are the best choice for making a business presentation. Apart from business, there are many other different categories you can create presentations for. Business presentations have more significance as most people rely on their presentation to convince people in the meeting. You will easily find all the popular templates such as Root Cause Analysis, A3 Root Cause Analysis, Zachman Framework, Growth diagrams, ROCE Analysis, etc. There are templates that will match the requirements of any business. The resolution of these templates is unmatchable and you can easily edit these templates to align with your goals and requirements. An impactful presentation will grow your professional career and leave a good impression on your higher-ups.

Editable designs 

Source: Corporate business template by SlideModel

No two persons are the same, nor their needs. So they need to add their unique touches to the templates. The SlideModel designers have understood that quite clearly. Apart from presenting yours with thousands of templates, they have also made it easy for you by making them editable. You can edit them according to your needs and demands. Change the color, images, shapes, add bullets, backgrounds, etc. Go wild with your imagination as you have SlideModel to back it up for you. From font to background you can edit or customize to make your presentation interesting and captivating.

Amazing Graphics, Diagrams, etc. 

Source: Marketing Dashboard Diagram for PowerPoint by SlideModel

A presentation consists of many different elements. All these elements come together to make the presentation interesting and engaging. SlideModel is home to such things, you can use different shapes, diagrams, and backgrounds available on the platform to create amazing presentations. It also has awesome graphics such as 3D Cube, Global Hunger Diagram, PowerPoint shape, Balance shape, Concept Idea to illustrate the statistics. Reading out the statistics is not interesting and most people will lose the hold of data halfway through it. With all the different graphics you can make your presentation interesting. You can also edit the background of your presentation. There are templates available for SWOT analysis, BCG matrix, Finance strategy. You can create unique yet informative presentations. 


One of the reasons why many people are preferring this platform is because of its compatibility with the others. There are many presentations making platforms other than Microsoft that people use to make presentations. All you have to do is download any template available on the SlideModel platform. It is quite simple to download these templates. Once you download the templates you can use these templates on any platforms such as Apple Keynote, Google Slides, Open Office, etc. It is also compatible with all versions of Microsoft PowerPoint.

SlideModel is cross-platform and this makes it even easier to create a presentation. If all team members have the data, anyone can contribute to edit or make changes to the presentation. You can easily copy and paste these templates from one presentation to another one. SlideModel boosts both your marketing and collaboration between your team members.

Here are a few templates available in the SlideModel. These are just the tip of an iceberg; there are templates that are suitable for different needs and categories.

Plans and pricing 

There are four different plans that SlideModel is offering you can choose between them based on your requirements. Choose a plan that matches your requirements. As the prices keep changing, to know the latest pricing visit their website. Annual unlimited is the most recommended plan as it allows you to make unlimited downloads, allows you to save templates to cloud accounts, and allows licensing for 3 employees. 

Anytime you’re not satisfied with services you can cancel your subscription. Its money-back-guarantee and policy is also excellent. If you have any queries relating to their refund policy or any other general issues, you can contact their responsive support team through email, live chat, or call. They are always ready to help you, as a customer-centric company (you can learn some real SlideModel reviews left here).


SlideModel is a platform that provides PowerPoint Presentation templates. With this platform creating templates has become quite simple and hassle-free. No more spending long hours in front of your computer screen. It offers a wide variety of templates for you to choose from and they are available for different categories. The best thing is that you can download the slides and edit them according to your taste and preferences. You can create presentations that are unique and engaging or find presentation ideas for your next conference or meeting. Communicate effectively and grow your business or grades in the school. Choose a plan that matches your requirement and create powerful presentations. With SlideModel backing your presentation, you have nothing to worry about. Use all the resources this platform is offering to create an interesting, informative high-quality presentation.