5 ways to speed up windows 7

speed up windows 7

Windows 7 users are these days confronting a major issue of slowdown their windows. What is the reason behind of this slowdown of Windows 7? Is Microsoft is responsible for this or something else like using of unnecessary programs? Of course, when you install some unnecessary software or some files are automatically download from some software and they may cause for the speed of the Windows. Microsoft has nothing to do with it; they are just providing the most amazing latest features in Windows 7. Now the Question in thousands of users of Windows 7 is If Microsoft is providing the amazing features then why our PCs are getting slow day by day? How can we speed up Windows 7?

Today we will definitely provide the most reliable and safe method to speed up Windows 7. First, let’s take a look at the problems:

Problems Speed up Windows 7

There exists some serious problem in Windows 7 that may cause the virus in the System or due to the virus or some unsecured files may cause problems. More problems can be,

  • Your computer was running for a long time without a reboot.
  • Some serious virus has attacked your PC.
  • PC’s hard drive does not have enough space.
  • System RAM is not enough (due to this common reason we can’t speed up windows 7).
  • The software you downloaded is not compatible with the properties of RAM.
  • May your hard drive is corrupted.
  • Automatically spam files are downloaded.

Solve Problem and Speed up Windows 7


Follow the steps one by one and make your PC fast and reliable.


Whenever you feel your Windows 7 is not running properly or slow down, Reboot your Windows 7.

It helps in making your PC performance better because if any file that contains virus can be handled through rebooting the Windows.


Close the unnecessary programs.

Go to Desktop > Open Windows task Manager (by Pressing Control+Shift+Escape button).

Here you see different applications running on your PC. Close the unnecessary programs one by one.

speed up windows 7


Go to WINDOWS TASK MANAGER >Go to Process > Close the process which is taking more space.

There exists a certain program that takes too much Memory and slows down your PC. For example, you running Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser simultaneously. Both the browsers are taking too memory and effects your speed as your RAM is not eligible to handle high memory. Close the unnecessary process can speed up Windows 7.

speed up windows 7


Clean your PC by removing the junk files that may cause the problem. Whenever you try to install some games that are not properly authenticated then some files with setup automatically download with it. Download the Cleaner for Windows 7 from here. Download Cleaner for Windows.

DEFRAGMENT DISK (BEST WAY to Speed up Windows 7)

Defragment your hard drive; yes it is the best way to speed up Windows 7.

Go to Start > Type Disk Defragmenter > Open it.

Click on Analyze Disk, Once the analyze process is Complete, Click on Defragment disk. It speeds up Windows 7 and most beneficial way. In a week or 2 weeks regularly defragment your Hard disk.

speed up windows 7

Note:  you can also Defragment by scheduling the time. Make a proper date and automatically your Hard disk will be defragmented.

Install Any Antivirus

Install any Antivirus in your System, it definitely speeds up because it removes the junk files, there exists a lot of software through which you can remove the junk files in Windows 7. Antivirus like Avast and Microsoft Essentials is necessary for your Windows 7.

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How Antivirus Speed up Windows 7?

Let’s take an example, any external device is connected to your PC and it contains virus then your Windows may start corrupting day by day. It slows down your PC, here antivirus helps a lot it remove the virus from the external device then advise you to connect with it.

If you’re using some sites that are inappropriate then antivirus warn you to close the site or give some suggestions and speed up Windows 7.

 What have we achieved?

Multiple processes at a time can slow down your PC, but if follow the above methods then, of course, these help a lot and speed up Windows 7. A speed of windows 7 matters a lot for any user and anyone want to speed up Windows 7 that is why we suggest them a few tips that can prevent the damage of the Windows 7 more. If you have personal tips you’ve done yourself to improve the performances, we’d like to take suggestions from you. If someone has any difficulty in doing these methods can comment.