Spice up your JIRA experience with the latest Atlassian Marketplace Apps

Atlassian Marketplace is a well-known platform popular for downloading and buying Atlassian products, namely JIRA service desk, JIRA software, crucible, Trello, Fisheye, etc. These apps are not developed by a single party but by multiple vendors all around the globe. 

They provide quick solutions and useful functions that stand highly fruitful and beneficial for companies that require bug fixing, task tracking, and similar features for their team members. 

Jira Marketplace apps are one of the best tools that you can download from Atlassian marketplace apps for efficient product management. Read further to gain a deeper insight as to how JIRA can spice up your project management experience:

Transparency level

JIRA’s transparency level is crystal clear, and using this app, each task and assignment can be allotted separately to the users. Not only does it provide one to one task allotments, but every teammate is able to view the progress and the assignments that their mates are bestowed with.

User experience

The user experience is simply incredible, all thanks to the drag and drop feature, which allows the members to drag the tickets and drop in the mid of any process.

Custom workflow

The workflow in the JIRA dashboard is easily customizable and can also be used in other industries beyond the IT field. The creation of workflow and custom issue schemes has made customization a lot easier and helps cope with development struggles. Its customization ability allows the business owners to mold the software as per their requisite frame.


JIRA can be comfortably blended with other applications and external systems such as Salesforce, CRM, Zen desk, etc. proving to be a win-win affair.

Plugins and add-ons

The scope of JIRA can further be enhanced by increasing its add-ons and plugins. It allows the companies to create Java modules and incorporate them into the system, further enhancing the software’s functionality.

Vast company support

JIRA is supported by multiple companies that have resources capable of fixing bugs and errors. They go beyond the error fixing functionality to offer support and maintenance to all the users who use JIRA for their project management. 

Also, it has a well fledged active community of experts and customers who stand responsible for answering the questions and queries of new users. So if you are a novice JIRA user with a glitch in mind, you can always contact this community to get experts’ answers.


Despite all the functionality that an app may offer, users always search for reliability factors to bank on software, which is what JIRA offers you. It holds its name high as one of the most effective and efficient systems that can track and fix bugs in a short period. Also, it can serve its functionality for years without undergoing a breakdown.


We hope that this guide has given you enough reasons to believe that JIRA is one of the best tools that is marking its name high in changing workplace habits. So what are you waiting for? Start using JIRA now and experience the difference that it can bring to your project management.