Standing Desk Technology for Better Work Process

The new trend in the global automation market is the standing desk technology that is oriented to improve the working process. According to most employees of companies such as Google Inc., Facebook Inc., it’s even more convenient for them to work at their computers while standing. It is curious that as such work tables appeared on the global market, almost all employees of Facebook Inc. asked the administration to change their old sitting-like office tables for new ones – motorized standing desks.

The office employees’ desire to work while standing is explained easily. The whole point is in statistics: it’s not a secret that a durable sitting work during the day has a bad effect on human health: the sugar level rises in blood and the level of good cholesterol decreases, there are reasons that contribute to the appearance of osteoporosis, osteochondrosis, intervertebral hernias, scoliosis, cancer, there is also a 37 percent increase in the risk of premature death in women cases, in men cases this indicator is even higher by 18 percent.

Standing desks for standing work are made to be lifted to the height that is higher than ordinary desks exactly so much that they were comfortable to be used to stand and sit in the high chair. These modernized office tables can have different table tops, their dimensions can vary as well as forms. Standing tables are really a good solution for those who have difficulties with the spine and who have to work more than 6 hours each day. The structure of the human body is such that it is not adapted to long-term static loads, and the sitting position is one of the most harmful to the human body because the effect of monotonous gravity force affects human health increasing the risk of various diseases and decreasing the organism’s immune systems effectiveness

Every day, the spine receives serious overloads, which rapidly transform into acquired sores, and this causes serious consequences – the front sections of the intervertebral discs are compressed, and the rear ones are stretched; discs rapidly lose their elasticity and wear out. Of course, standing really is more beneficial for the body than sitting around. According to studies by Swedish scientists in the 20th century, while lying on the back, the load on the spine is about 25 percent relative to the standing position. If a person lies on his/her side – the load will be 75 percent. Sitting right on the chair – about 150 percent As this studies show, it is better to stand rather than to sit during the working day. Numerous medical examinations proved that standing position increases employee’s attentiveness, effectiveness, and the desire to work in a team.

Office adjustable Progressive Desk standing desk can be a perfect work station solution for everyone, and if such a table is also equipped with additional adjustments it may become an even more multifunctional health-improving choice. Therapists, orthopedists, and cardiologists unanimously argue about the need to change the usual way of life from a sedentary to a more active one. After all, an insufficient number of movements during the working day provokes a lot of diseases. That is why a height-adjustable table is an optimal solution for both a modern office employee and any person spending time at a table in front of a monitor for more than 6 hours a day.

A standing desk may come in handy for those appreciating their health and those who want to preserve it despite the complicacy of the work process and work-associated stress and diseases. Convenient operation mechanisms, customer-friendly design, multifunctional use, zero maintenance, relatively low prices, convenient design, smooth &  silent performance, and finally smart technologies – are what Progressive Desk offers to their customers who seek the best office workstation solutions.