Stellar Video Repair Software – Why it is Best Video Repair Tool

For this month’s presentation at your workplace, you went all out. You have extreme confidence in your idea. Along with amazing ideas you all have also prepared an interesting presentation. You and your team were all set to start your presentation. 

You have started your presentation,


Instead of your creative presentation, there comes a message on the projector screen- “Video cannot be played”.

Just imagining this scenario has given you goosebumps, right? What can one do if this becomes a reality? There are many instances in day-to-day life where a video can be corrupted or damaged out of nowhere. If you are in serious need of the video for business or personal use, you would be in a fix. However, this was all in the past. If a video you downloaded or created is damaged, corrupted, or broken you can now easily recover it. Yes! There is excellent video repair software available in the market that will help you in recovering the video.

Now you must be wondering there are hundreds of video repair software available in the market, how to choose the right/best one? Well, you don’t have to worry as you are at the right place at the right time. Stick till the end of this review to find out about one of the best video repair software-stellar.

What is stellar video repair software?

Stellar is a leading global video repair software that provides solutions to video corruption issues. This software has risen to prominence because of its user-friendly interface that can help you repair videos that got corrupted while editing, shooting, transferring, or conversion. Yes, no matter which stage the video is corrupted you can easily repair it with this software. Not only that, but it also fixes video problems such as flickering, blurry, and stuttering. It previews repaired videos before saving and also repairs severely corrupted videos using sample files. Sounds intriguing, right? 

Now you must be wondering why this software is the best repair tool. Well, the answer is simple, because of its amazing features. Well, this software does have awesome features that need to be discussed. 


Repairs all video file formats & digital media players

One of the main advantages of this software is, it can repair all popular video file formats. No matter which storage device you own, this software supports all types of file formats. It supports many popular file formats such as MOV, MKV, MJPEG, AVI, MP4, WMV, WEMB, FLV, ASF, MPEG,3GP, etc. Not only that it repairs high-quality 12k/8k/4k, UHD, HD, Full HD, 360, HEVC, H.265, and VR videos. So irrespective of the file format of your corrupt video you can use this tool to repair your video. Apart from popular video formats, it also fixes videos that cannot be played because of corruption in digital media players. Yes! Be it VLC media player, MX Player, Adobe Flash Player, iTunes, QuickTime, Winamp, M Player, Real Player, Pot Player, etc it can easily repair a corrupt video. 

Repairs videos shot on any camera

The speciality of Stellar is, it easily repairs any corrupt videos irrespective of the camera they were shot on. No matter which camera brand your video is shot with, it will repair the video with ease. Yes, Sony, Canon, Samsung, DJI, Panasonic, Skydio, etc. It also supports all storage media (HDDs, SD cards, USB flash drive, etc) too. Apart from that, it also repairs videos that are created from camcorders, dash cam, mirrorless, point and shoot, CCTV, iPhone, DSLR, etc. 

Fixes severely corrupted videos and several other issues

With Stellar video repair software, you can repair severely corrupt videos too. It uses sample files to carry out this advanced repair. This advanced repair feature is simple, all you need is a perfectly working file that is shot on the same format and same device as the corrupted file. The software uses that working file as a sample file. Stellar uses the information from that sample file to repair a severely corrupted file. 

Apart from severely corrupted video files, it also fixes various other corruption issues such as grainy, jerky, blur, truncated, choppy, etc. Stellar also resolves issues in the header, video slider, sound section, movement of video, and video frames. It also fixes QuickTime errors and “error-loading media files that cannot be played” too. 

Preview!! Save!! Multi repairs

If you work with hundreds of videos as part of your profession, you will be dealing with many corrupted, damaged, and broken videos. Well, you need software that can help you in handling/repairing multiple videos simultaneously. If that is the case, Stellar is just perfect for you then. This software can simultaneously repair unlimited videos of different or the same formats. It will repair the corrupt files without compromising on the quality and file structure of the video. Stellar is best as it saves both time and effort. Before saving the repaired video to the desired location on external storage media or computer or source location you can preview it to ensure that the file is corruption-free. 

Photo recovery-Premium Edition

The premium edition of stellar is also available. With this premium edition, one can not only repair corrupted files but can also recover deleted photos and videos too. Yes! Along with videos, you can also repair distorted or corrupt photos too. If you are in a business that regularly engages in video shooting or editing, this premium edition will be of great advantage to you.

Is Stellar worth it or not?

As you have made it to the end of this article, you must have understood the nature of this software along with its amazing features. This software is seriously a lifesaver for many businesses and individuals that fall prey to corrupted videos. It repairs videos shot on all camera brands, digital media players, and file formats. Also, this software is 100% safe and secure. It is free from different kinds of malware and viruses and supports both Mac and Windows. From phone to Drone it repairs videos shot on different devices. Well, this video repair software is a perfect solution to any corrupted, broken, or damaged videos. In conclusion, there is no doubt that this software is worth it. Use this video repair software, save time and effort and improve your productivity. What are you waiting for? Get this video repair software and never again worry about a corrupted or damaged video.