Halloween is all about its spookiness and getting dressed like all the scary characters. Horror movies have always depicted the presence of spirits in the darkness of night. The right after the sun sets, the sky starts changing, and as the evening proceeds, the aura of night grows darker and denser. The eerie silence that fills the night has a lot of mysteries concealed in it. The night is home to many creatures, and often, it makes us feel like a thousand eyes are watching and following us around. 

Imagine yourself driving through a quiet road, and right when you are about to cross an abandoned building, your car stops. For instance, you will get angry, but your next step will be to check what is wrong with your vehicle. Stepping out on a quiet road and near an abandoned house, anyone will feel chills running down their spine. You may start to feel cold, and the constant feeling that anyone can come and startle you is no wonder creepy. Anyone in this situation will lose their gut and might run for their lives, leaving the car behind.

Some people run away even if you start telling them about ghosts; others respond like, “Oh, can we see that place?” The ones with the latter answers have got the ghost hunter’s spirit in them. If your adventurous side is scratching your back to try out a ghost hunt, SpiritShack has got all the gadgets that you may need. Ghost hunting is an exciting experience, but it is also a risky and dangerous experience. The following tips and tricks can help you survive your adventures of the night,

  1. Carry a flashlight

Darkness offers shelter to many creatures, including spirits, ghosts, and ferocious animals. Suppose you are out in a jungle exploring an abandoned building. You do not want to become a hungry tiger’s meal on your way to a ghost hunt, do you? We will advise you to have a backup flashlight and use a headlight to explore your path to your ghostly adventure. Using a headlight will keep your hands free, and you can take preventive measures if you see something dangerous on your way. Holding a flashlight in your hand might not give you enough space to move your hand or access your backpack. Flashlights do not disturb the ghosts, but they can help you see and analyze your surroundings.

  1. Thermal camera

We know that we cannot see the ghosts and spirits with the naked eye, but we can still capture them. If you are out on a ghost hunt, your friends will ask for proof no matter how truthful it sounds. You cannot capture the ghostly presence on your ordinary phone camera. Like humans, these paranormal creatures also emit heat. Using a thermal camera can help you see if there is a ghost or spirit around. Even if you pass out of fear, your camera will let the people know that you were out there on the hunt and identify the cause. 

Your camera will not capture how they appear, but they can give you heat figures on the screen upon detecting their presence. We advise that you do not go directly into the haunted building but survey the area through a drone with a thermal camera installed. Doing so will not only keep you safe from a sudden ghost attack but will also let you know if you should continue your hunt or not. 

  1. EMF detectors

You might be on a hunt out of curiosity, but we all know that spirits or ghosts get angry when disturbed. Since we cannot see or feel their presence around us, we can never predict when we might bump into them. Many paranormal experts believe that ghosts and spirits have electromagnetic fields around them. Suppose you have an EMF detector with you here. In that case, you should remember for your safety. Normal objects like a TV have small spikes on an EMF detector according to the field’s strength. In the case of a ghost or spirits, the detector’s spikes will appear dense and high. That is your sign of stopping approaching them further as you might be a few feet away from a ghost encounter. There is no guarantee that the sign on the EMF detector is of a friendly or angry ghost. In any way, we won’t want to be hurt or choke on our fear. 

  1. Have back up

As much as it sounds brave and courageous, going alone on a ghost hunt can be scary. You never know what you face. If you come up with a life and death situation, how will you call for a backup or help? In such a scenario, it is wise to have a communication line between you and a friend. So, when things go sound, you can press a button on your two-way radio or walkie talkie and let your backup know that you need help. Calling for help or having your backup on standby can save you from many dangerous situations. In case of an injury, they can rush you to a hospital. 

  1. Have your phone with you

You might wonder what a phone has to do with your ghost hunting adventure. It might sound too simple, but your phone can come in handy in such scenarios. It can serve you as a substitute for few ghost-hunting gadgets. For instance, if your flashlight batteries are not working, you can use your phone’s flashlight to walk through the dark. The voice recorder on your phone can also help you record any ghostly noise inaudible to a human ear. 


We have seen it often in stories or shows that people have lost their lives during their ghost hunting adventures. Not sure if it was a ghost or not but choking on fear is apparent. We might be brave and courageous, but our hunting adventures are not without dangers and hidden fear. Even if you are on a hunt, encountering a ghost will put a halt to your heart for a while. Getting all the right gadgets might help you identify the signs of a ghostly presence. Still, we recommend that you keep your safety in check. Adventures are exciting, but we cannot put ourselves in danger for the sake of an adventure.