Tackle Unknown Calls With These 3 Essential Tips


Many people have encountered call harassment, which includes all those unwelcome calls that could be annoying, inappropriate or even threatening at times. Call frauds are equally of concern and are increasing in numbers. According to studies, phone calls are used to initiate 70% of fraud cases.

What all these types of calls have in common is that they are often from unknown numbers. And many a time they leave you confused, worried, and feeling unsure of what to do. This article provides you 3 essential tips to help you handle those unknown calls confidently with easy and effective steps.

1. Reverse lookup the number

One of the first measures you can take when faced with an unknown caller is to carry out a reverse phone lookup. There are various methods you can follow depending on the seriousness of the situation you face. While search engines such as Google can allow you to do a basic search of the phone number, people search sites like Nuwber would be ideal for a more detailed lookup. That is because these sites often have access to a large network of free and paid information sources, whereas a search engine would usually sift through free online sources. This allows sites like Nuwber to provide you with much more details if there’s a match, making them a fast and convenient option for a reverse phone lookup.

2. Download a caller ID app

While you can get the basic caller ID feature from your mobile network operator, installing a specialized caller ID app could have its own advantages. In addition to identifying unknown callers, they can also help you to block spam phone numbers and even record calls. Most of these apps have set up community-based spam lists, which they update based on user feedback and experiences. This allows you to identify any phone numbers their users have already flagged. Also, these lists are continuously updated in real-time, making them more accurate and up-to-date.

There are many caller ID apps like Truecaller and Whoscall that are available on app stores. However, ensure that you select one of the reputable products since they would have much larger databases with millions of users.

3. Get help

If you are still getting harassed despite following the first 2 steps, or you are becoming concerned about your safety, then it’s time to get some help. Depending on your particular situation, there are several steps to consider. You can contact your mobile operator and request for an investigation and a call blocking. They can keep track of the number and can escalate especially if it has been flagged by other customers. You can also register with the Federal Trade Commission’s Do Not Call Registry, which works primarily to prevent telemarketers from accessing your number. If you suspect a more serious situation, lodge a complaint with the Police.

Whether you are feeling harassed or worried about your safety, it’s time to take action to put an end to call harassment. And these essential tips will help you do just that so that you can tackle those unknown callers easily and effectively.